Any student that plans to submit a Research and Analysis Project (RAP) to OBU needs to contact and render the services of an OBU Registered Mentor. The OBU Registered Mentor has the role of supporting the student during the preparation of the RAP, providing guidance, advice and feedback to the student where necessary.

The other role the OBU Registered Mentor has is to vouch to OBU that they have been the student’s mentor and the submitted RAP is the student’s personal work. The online RAP submission requires the submission of the Mentor’s registered e-mail address, later the Mentor will be required to confirm that they have in fact been the student’s mentor.

The student needs to find an OBU Registered Mentor that will provide mentoring services during the preparation of the RAP and hold at least three meetings with them. The OBU does not provide a Mentor to the students, but has some basic recommendations and has defined three categories of people from which the student can select a Mentor.  Click here to know about key attributes of good OBU Registered Mentor. It is up to the Mentor to get an ACCA and OBU approval.

The person you choose should be one of the following:

A qualified Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) – Full member.

Your tutor at an ACCA Learning Provider

A senior colleague at work e.g. your line manager

Click here for detail about complete guidance of RAP.

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