The need for requesting mentoring help has grown substantially, especially in today’s competitive business world. We at “VM” Virtual mentoring have offered our services to many students from all over the world, and today many of them are very successful professionals in their chosen fields. Here are some of their testimonials about their experience with us.

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  Masood has mentored me in my second RAP submission, he was a coach during this process, giving timely feed backs, realistic and never biased with my work. Thank You Mr Qureshi am highly hopeful for a pass. Best regards.  
Namuyomba RolletahAccountant at Finsys consult Ltd ,Uganda, Nov, 2018
Mentored for ICAEW Pathways submission and found the mentoring valuable and helpful.
Muhammad YousafHead of Finance Lahore, Pakistan Jan, 2020
It was a pleasure walking through together this path of mentoring and being mentored. I was so grateful for your professional guidance which helped me a lot to achieve my objectives. I salute the whole team especially Ahmad who provided me with such invaluable guidance. Keep up the good work!!!
taruvinga MavenyengwaTutor at UNISA Queenstown Area, South Africa, Jan, 2020
We found Virtual Mentoring to be a truly professional mentoring service with excellent and supportive mentoring in making us understand the process involved and advising us in all our meetings in every aspect with objective assessment about how we should develop our reasearch professionally and independently . We found that Mr. Masood Ahmed to be a very well qualified, encouraging and inspiring person. We recomend Virtual-Mentoring services for all those who wish to OBU B.Sc degree as it will surely guide them to success.
Venkata Srinivasulu ValivetiManager Finance Muscat Governorate, Sultanate of Oman, Nov 2019
I highly recommend this program to anyone. My mentor gave me a lot of help, knew exactly what was needed in the research project, and encouraged me throughout.
Ágnes VepperiJunior Client Accountant at Apex Group Ltd Hungry, Nov 2019
VM Virtual Mentoring has dedicated mentors who will be there for you all the way out throughout the research
Dasly KagwamboJohannesburg Area, South Africa, Nov 2019
“Very professional throughout the period and guided me all the way”
Zain RasheedJunior Accountant at The Kanoo Group June, 2019
“I would like to thank the great support and guidance I received over my mentorship period. It was really helpful and always timing. I strongly recommend to enroll with “VM”
Adriana BlancoEconomist and Accountant Colombia May, 2019
“I would like to thank OBU Mentoring team for their wonderful help. The professionalism, guidance and experience of my mentor was available to me when I needed it most! Highly recommended by me!”
Jasmin AliIreland May 2019
“I just completed my OBU research report for my BSc (Hons) degree and the mentorship I received from VM was a tremendous help. I highly valued my mentor’s expertise and excellent mentorship throughout the process and I am very happy that I choose VM mentoring. I would definitely recommend anyone doing this Project to use them, they were great!!”
Simone KnightAccounts Payable Associate USA May, 2019
“Excellent Service! I can recommend “VM” Virtual Mentoring, for anyone interested in a mentoring service for ACCA OBU RAP. My Mentor was extremely helpful and went the extra mile to help me in producing my RAP. All my questions were responded to immediately and the meetings was done professionally and was well planned. Thank you to everyone at VM and specifically my Mentor for everything you did for me.”
Christiaan LouwrensSouth Africa April 2018
““I have a personal experience with this mentoring organization. They have resource people who are able to Coach you on writing projects and thesis to acceptable standard regardless whether you have been exposed to research writing or not. The choice of “VM” Virtual mentoring for project mentor is a choice for success. A trial will convince you if in doubt. ”
Patrick ApaaAccountant at Future Connect Accountants UK April 2019
“VM provides good mentoring service for your OBU RAP. The mentors are highly committed and you get a free consultation even before registering.”
Abdulmalik AdegbolaAccount Manager at Rafeef For Integrated Solutions. Co. Ltd. Sudan April 2019
“I strongly recommend for ACCA students to receive RAP mentoring program from VM. My mentor, Masood was very knowledgeable and I had such great discussions with my mentor. Thank you again for offering this service to ACCA students especially for students who study oversea. From VM website, students will be able to get a lot of information about RAP and the mentors really inspire you to work hard and keep students on track. Thanks!”
Sunggon (Chris) JangSenior Analyst at Willis Towers Watson Canada April 2019
“Many thanks to VM for the timely support and wise advice. I definitely recommend VM for the professionalism, and I truly believe I have gained a lot from my experience with my mentor. He helped me go through each step and responded quickly to each query. I think my mentor went the extra mile as he cares for his students relying on him and I am grateful.”
Diane Ah-YuenAuditor, KPMG Mauritius Nov 2018
“Guys going Oxford Brookes degree, kindly consider VM as they are the best in providing mentorship program.”
Mike DubeChief Operations Officer at Ingugama Risk Solutions (Pty) Ltd Johannesburg, South Africa Nov 2018
“My mentor has been amazing, he is friendly, really thorough with his comments and responds very quickly. I’m so glad I chose VM to mentor me! I would definitely recommend them to anyone writing their RAP”
Caitlyn VerpoortArticle Clerk at Stein Johannesburg, South Africa October 2018
The mentor is highly experienced and friendly. I had a very good experience with VM!”
Chai YiStudent at Nanyang Technological University Singapore May,2018
“I am pleased to have VM as my mentor. Its devotion to help you achieve high results is exceptionally high! Mentor work is very effective and supportive, and I definitely recommend VM as your mentor. VM, thank you so much!”
Vladislav IvashchenkoBelarus May,2018
“I recommend Virtual Mentoring as OBU Mentor because they are committed to terms of engagement and provide rich guidelines incompliance with Oxford Brooks expectations.”
Wendy AnnanAccountant Ghana May,2018
“The best mentors I have ever heard in my career. Committed to hard work and dedicated to excellence. I recommend Virtual Mentoring for expert mentoring!!!!!”
Dellar Zvinavashe SibandaCommercial Manager at ZETDC Zimbabwe May,2018
“ Before contacting Virtual Mentoring, I was at a loss on how to go about the research. I got very valuable advise from them, and not only that, they were there all through my project research. They are highly responsive and always willing to advise, review and answer any questions you may have. I will recommend them for anyone who want to have a good do at the OBU RAP.”
Oyindamola DadaRelationship Manager at Jaiz Bank PLC Nigeria May,2018
“I’m very satisfied with the service I received from VM. I went for the standard package and it exceeded my expectations. My mentor was very professional and supportive, if I had any queries he would respond promptly and always provide me with helpful advice. I highly recommend VM to students”
Omar BaradahAssociate at EY Saudi Arabia May,2018
“Got the highest value package from VM, and did not regret. The extend of support the mentor provide absolutely helped me get my research done. Patience, encouragement, and most of all the guidance which is relayed with details and recommendations is definitely worth it.”
Mun Hon ChooiBrisbane, Australia May,2018
“Although I have had several mentors throughout my life, I am taking this opportunity to thank you for your commitment and assistance for being an excellent mentor.”
MD Golam MustafaStudent at BPP UNIVERSITY COLLEGE United Kingdom May,2018
“My mentor has been extremely helpful and patient with all my queries. He replies within 4-6 hours. I would 100% recommend VM to anyone who is looking for a mentor for their OBU RAP. I am very happy with their service.”
Sumaica Asad PirachaQatar May,2018
“I recommend VM highly. My Mentor supported me a lot in my journey to prepare my RAP, he was extremely fast in providing me feedback and with the reliable support he gave me I have Passed my Degree. It is a perfect way for success!! Thank you so much VM!!”
Yosief TemelsoFinancial Controller at Grand Hotel Juba South Sudan April 2018
“My Mentor consistently went above and beyond his task and ensured I had a thorough understanding of what I needed to do and the standard of work expected. He was extremely fast is providing feedback on my work and I could not of completed the report without his support, help and knowledge throughout the process. I highly recommend using VM Virtual Mentoring as it is a perfect route to success.”
Kimi SalmonUnited Kingdom April 2018
“Great and easy-going mentor. Very friendly and helpful”
Maryam KhanJunior Accountant Saudi Arabia April 2018
“The Virtual Mentoring helped me complete my OBU RAP with confidence and the reliable support I got from my mentor is the one that helped me know that I can pass my Degree together with the unbiased opinion. Thank you so much Virtual Mentoring”
Paballo SekotoAccountant at Accountants on Mission Lesotho April 2018
“Really satisfied with the service. the mentor knows well the topic (topic 8) and his techniques really helped me to complete the RAP within 3 months. I took extensive mentoring service and I’m really pleased with the service. I genuinely recommend VM mentoring service for one out there looking for help in their RAP.. the mentor would make your give your best shot.. happy for the service.”
Ismail HassanAccounts officer at Island Aviation. KDM Airport Maldives March 2018
“My Mentor was very effective. He would respond to me in a short space of time. He helped me a lot to understand how to write RAP.I appreciate the support of the team. I would recommend this team of professionals in mentoring any student.”
Buxton TembaProgrammer at Midlands State University Zimbabwe March 2018
“Had a very positive experience with VM in October 2017. Mentor was really supportive and ready to reply within minutes of their questions. Highly recommended!”
Umid ErmanovAdministrative Assistant at UNDP Uzbekistan Uzbekistan March 2018
“It is difficult to overestimate the role of Mentor provided by Virtual Mentoring team. My Mentor was strong expert in subject matter and always focused me on the topic when I branched off and guided me to think the right way. Responses to my queries were almost immediate and always clear. I would like to recommend this team of professionals in mentoring to any student!”
Alexander MushikovHead of Controlling Department at Basalt Management (Basalt AG Group) Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation March 2018
“I recommend virtual mentoring because of good support on project I received and time to time correction in my report and expert advice helped me a lot”
Uzair AzharLondon School of Business and Finance LSBF Spain November 2017
“Very prompt responses, within minutes. You get detailed comments for each part of your work done. Mentor is motivating and understanding. Appreciate the great work by the team.”
Yahya JalaludeenStudent at Majan College Oman November 2017
“I was a Mentee with “VM” for November 2017 session. I was initially very confident in my RAP and have chosen basic package. My dear friends and colleagues, self-confidence could be strong asset in your research project, but do not forget that your work will be assessed by marker who is a human being, reading about 80 RAPs per session! I believe that most useful in “VM” services was that Mentor perfectly reflected RAP assessors’ viewpoint and provided me with opportunity to make my report interesting to assessors, meet their expectations, emphasize strongest points, etc. Now I see that it is always useful to have an unbiased opinion, support and feedback from professional mentor.”
Vitaliy ShmyginFinancial Manager – Cotecna Ukraine Limited Ukraine November 2017
“I am glad I found VM as my mentor. Very professional and helpful. Highly recommended “
Sangita BhattaraiAccountant United Kingdom November 2017
“I was very pleased with the mentor-ship I received. My mentor was very courteous, professional, informative and helpful. I’m delighted to recommend Virtual Mentoring to everyone as they do a wonderful job. Trust me….its well worth it!”
Shander BriceACCA Student United Kingdom October, 2017
“They have a Good panel of Mentors, that guide you through the Project, identifying exactly what you need to do in areas of concern with regards to the project. They are prompt and thoroughly guide you. Very helpful and convenient.”
Dhruti PrajapatiAccountant at Metsec Cables Ltd Kenya June 2017
“With “VM” mentors be sure to get a response as regards the review of the project sent to the mentors mail box. This helped in making project work easier and faster.”
Olubusola OdeyemiACCA Student Nigeria June 2017
“My mentor was extremely helpful with fast replies to my queries and he really helped me understand whatever I was confused about over our meetings. He answered questions clearly and guided me where I was misunderstanding requirements. You won’t regret choosing Virtual Mentoring for your RAP!”
Elizabeth ThomasACCA Student India May 2017
“I had the privilege to cooperate with VM. VM tutors are proactive, engaged and technically sound and always ready to put all energy and time to help you. Highly recommend! You won’t regret.”
Maciej GrzeszczukSenior Consultant at EY Luxembourg May 2017
“Virtual Mentoring is very efficient and provides detailed support for their mentees.”
Amrita Karki RawalACCA Student Australia May 2017
“ The mentor was super helpful. whenever I emailed him i got quick and well explained responses. I hope I pass the RAP. Thank you VM”
Janet NaisonACCA Student South Africa May 2017
“ VM Virtual Mentoring is extremely professional and their experience will ensure you will deliver a quality script that you can be proud of.”
Kudakwashe G NyakunuSenior Finance & Budget Analyst at DAI South Africa May,2017
“ Overall experience was good. Liked on time reply and the constructive feedbacks that allowed to improve my project.”
Samir OsmanAccountant at Internet Brands California April,2017
“ Virtual Mentoring is a best website where you can instantly get qualified mentors for your project. I was in great Delima searching for a good mentor but after I found VM, VM didn’t just offer me good but instead gave me “THE BEST” I would definitely recommend VM to all students who are worried finding the best! What is “THE BEST” about VM? I would say EVERYTHING but to mention one its “promptness” All the best !”
Syed Faris Ur RahmanACCA Student Saudi Arabia April,2017
“ If you want a dedicated mentor to guide you through your OBURAP, please consider VM Virtual Mentoring. These are professionals and they give proper guidance at a price that matches your financial ability.”
Bekani SibandaMortgages Officer at ZB Financial Holdings Limited Zimbabwe
“ During my OBU RAP research, I got a splendid mentoring services from my mentor of “VM” and I enjoyed working under his professional mentoring guidance. I am confident my research work is good since I have improved a lot through his guidance. He is a good couch.”
Chrispen ChaukeACCA Student Zimbabwe April,2017
“I am quite satisfied with the Virtual Mentoring services for the Oxford University. My Mentor was really helpful, giving the necessary directions and replying quickly to my answers any time. I would really recommend your mentor ship service to other students. Thanks for your attention!”
Natia ShengeliaRisk Assessment and Quality Assurance Manager at LLC Audit Firm Bakashvili & Company Georgia November,2016
“I never thought I will manage my RAP , You gave me the courage to conquer and the analytical mind that I now have Thanks to you VM. I found value for money in you”
Komborero ChimashaAccount at Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) Zimbabwe March,2017
“ Very good mentor.. replies your email on time and assists you in getting a great dissertation grade by critically reviewing yourwork.im happy VM was my mentor. I recommend them to my friends and colleagues.”
Opeoluwa AdekoyeACCA Student United Kingdom March,2017
“I highly recommend the services of Virtual Mentoring. They were my mentors for my Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project for November 2016’s submission. My mentor was very reliable and very supportive throughout the entire process of my project. VM is truly the best! For anyone who wants to be successful at first attempt with their Research and Analysis Project, Virtual Mentoring should be your choice of mentors. Thanks VM”
Narisha HarveyStaff Accountant at Grant Thornton LLP Saint Kitts and Nevis February,2017
“Thanks for your all the support that made me pass! Hope more students will be benefited from you in coming days.”
MD Ataur RahmanAccountant at BOSeCO Chartered Accountants United Kingdom February,2017
“Very helpful and dedicated mentors who with their support and guidance builds up the confidence of the student and makes the whole process of doing research work a lot easier ”
Nuzhat KhandakerAssociate, Toru Institute of Inclusive Innovation Bangladesh January,2017
“I received a very professional service. The mentors were attentive and always available to assist when needed. Good value for money.”
Keith JageSenior Financial Analyst: Funding at 20/20 Insight South Africa November,2016
“ “VM” mentoring provided me with all the resources I needed during my Research Analysis Project, I am really grateful.”
Tinashe MutungwaziAssistant Internal Auditor at Kwekwe City Council Zimbabwe November,2016
“I used “VM” Virtual Mentoring to assist me with my Research and Analysis Project for the Oxford Brookes BSC degree in Applied Accounting. Having never engaged the services of such an organization before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I was delighted with the service that was delivered. I received exactly the right amount of guidance to enable me to complete my project and I found my mentor to be extremely helpful, responsive and timely with respect to the queries I had. Despite being located in different time zones, my mentor was willing and able to be flexible to find a convenient time to conduct our meetings. I would have no hesitations in recommending VM for anyone else embarking on this same journey.”
Sarah MylottManaging Director at FTI Consulting Cayman Islands November,2016
“ VM is best in mentoring students on Research and Analysis Project.”
Bowen HuangACCA Student at BPP University United Kingdom November,2016
“Great mentoring for my OBU/ACCA project”.
Mpumi HlongwaneManagement Consultant South Africa November,2016
“ The mentor from VM is great, patience and nice”
John YikACCA Student Singapore November,2016
“I got the desired guidance and I also appreciate how my mentor encouraged me by showing great interest in my work.”
Makono DesïreAccountant at Chengeto Securities South Africa November,2016
“ My overall experience with “VM” is great as I always got very constructive and quick feedback from my mentor and this is only reason for passing my project. My mentor has ability to understand students issues and I always feel that my mentor explained each aspect even before I ask question. I must say that it was really a great experience with “VM” and I recommend all other students to avail their quality mentoring services if they really want to pass with high grades. Thank you so much “VM” Team. Excellent Work!”
许君审计员 - 华星会计师事务所 China November,2016
“ First and for most l would like to extend my sincere gratitude for supporting me through out the entire of my project. It was going to be mammoth task on my own but through your splendid aid that l made through l am truly grateful for the support.”
Bruce DandaSavannah Pharmaceuticals Zimbabwe
“ It’s rare that you come across standout talent like the Mentor of VM mentoring. I am particularly impressed by their ability to reply emails quickly.”
Yashna RamjeetStudent at LCA Mauritius November,2016
“I would like to recommend virtual mentoring to those of you who are yet to submit their OBU project . VM team demonstrated professionalism whiles having my mentorship with them .Especially their quick response to my emails and direction Thankyou all team VM”.
George NyarkoACCA Student Ghana November,2016
“Service given by VM is very clear and helpful. Managing time with team is easy. Experience was loving and nice working with them. Thanks”
Saadullah JavedSales Representative at B HEALTHY LIMITED United Kingdom November,2016
“Thanks for your help! My mentor was always giving me the right practical advices on time for the oxford University RAP passing. “I am quite satisfied with the Virtual Mentoring services for the Oxford University. My Mentor was really helpful, giving the necessary directions and replying quickly to my answers any time. I would really recommend your mentor ship service to other students. Thanks for your attention!”
Natia ShengeliaRisk Assessment and Quality Assurance Manager at LLC Audit Firm Bakashvili & Company Georgia November,2016
“VM was a good supporter for me to carry out my OBU Research and Analysis Project. I have learned so many things from my mentor, therefore I could carry on my RAP successfully. I highly recommend VM for you who are planning to prepare the OBU RAP.”.
Daol SonA trainee accountant Korea October,2016
“My Virtual Mentoring mentor was so patiently with me. He left nothing to chance when I was preparing my Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project. He would respond to my work at the very moment that I submitted even during the night. I would advise anyone who wants to pass the OBU RAP, to go the VM way. Keep up the good work VM.”
Abel MututseAssistant Accountant at Tian Ze Tobacco Company P/L Zimbabwe August,2015
“My association with “VM” was very fruitful as I was successfully able to complete my project and get the OBU B.Sc (Hons) qualification. The support and guidance that I received from “VM” was very effective and helpful and it made all the difference to my project. I also appreciate their professional approach throughout my communication with them.”
Ashutosh KumarAssistant Manager at EY Dubai United Arab Emirates August,2015
  I was impressed by Mr. Qureshi’s attention to detail and discipline during the three mentoring sessions I had with him over Skype, as well as his key insights to my attempts at the research report. Given his experience in the industry and his professional mentoring skills, I recommend him especially to those looking to pursue BSc Hons in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University.  
Hassan AftabNewswriter (Global Markets) at S&P Global, Nov 2018
  Mr Masood is an excellent and experienced mentor having great grip and depth of the subject and I had a wonderful experience with him  
Umair FarrukhSenior Accountant at AJM KOOHEJI GROUP B.S.C (C), Bahrain, Nov 2018
  “VM” Virtual Mentoring was very helpful and professional with my project and helped me to understand the subject matter while guiding me through the whole process effectively. Whole hearted recommendation from me to those who require mentoring.  
Nupur ChaudhuriTrainee Accountant, UK, Nov 2019
  Simply five star! Mr. Masood has been more than a mentor to me. His ability to give information on a line by line basis made me have confidence on my project. His approach to finance and accounting made my project so easy to tackle and I will always recommend him to any student out there  
Sibert MapondeGeneral Ledger Accountant ,UAE, May 2020
  Great Mentor! I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness.  
Mohamed HussainFinancial Analyst - FP&A , Qatar, April 2020
  It was an interesting journey .Undertaking a Obu research is not an easy task but you helped me all the way and i passed. You are very patient and knowledgeable and passionate with your work. Keep up the good work .
Dasly KagwamboSouth Africa, April 2020
  I highly recommend virtual mentoring, my mentor was Masood Ahmed he provided with very good and straight forward approach at every stage of the obu rap project and responded to any queries in very short time. Thank you  
Durga HiraniAccountant at Grant Thornton, Uganda, April 2020
  Timely, apt and spot on! Masood Ahmed Qureshi makes the effort be focused on the right areas that’d construe results. His approach towards performance delivery is quite thorough.   .
Muhammad Usama A. GondalSenior Consultant at EY Pakistan, April 2020
I had a great experience with my mentor, Mr Masood. What I enjoyed most is the detailed guidance and precise explanation he gave. He is one man who can walk you through your project line by line providing more focus and enlightenment along the way. I can simply say his help is really priceless and I would recommend any student to utilize his expertise. Simply five star
Sibert MapondeGeneral Ledger Accountant, UAE, May 2020
Mr Masood Ahmed has a professional grip and deep insight over the mentoring of OBU projects
Umair FarrukhSenior Accountant at Dividend Gate Capital, Bahrain, May 2020
I highly recommend Virtual Mentoring. My mentor provided quality constructive feedback and was quite knowledgeable and dedicated. I also appreciated the flexible payment terms!
Clive BorerweBanker at CABS Center Mutare, Zimbabwe, May 2020
The Mentoring, I received from Mr. Masood Ahmed was impressive while consistently maintained a good relationship. Thank you so much for your guidance and useful advices given so far. I will always be grateful to you for your support and kindness. Thank You! “VM” Virtual Mentoring.
Waruni AbeysekaraFinancial Accountant, Malta, May 2020
If you looking for a mentor in your Oxford Brookes RAP, I recommend “VM” Virtual Mentoring. My mentor Mr Masood Ahmed Qureshi encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, he provided quality feedback on time. VM will give you guaranteed success😊
Mainza MweeneGrants Accountant at COMACO(WCS), Zambia, May 2020
The Mentoring,I received from Mr.Masood Ahmed was very insightful and he responds promptly to challenges relating to my work.Our mentor-mentee relationship has been a good one.I therefore recommend him highly to any prospective mentee out there.Thank you so much for your guidance so far i really appreciate.Thank you
Bridget AgyemangAccounting Professional, Ghana, May 2020
Mr Masood has been a great deal of help during my research project. His commitment towards successful completion of my project is unmatched. Thank you for taking the time and guide me through this journey. I am satisfied with the mentorship journey we have had. Continue helping students across the globe as mentorship is key to our success as students. I recommend VM to those who are looking for passionate, available and committed mentors in their journeys. Thank you Taffy Chikanya
Tafadzwa 'Taffy' Chikanya (AIISA)Marketing Support at Hospitality and Leisure A Division of Santam, South Africa, May 2020
professional and comitted
Kah Shing LimSales Executive at ANS IMPORT AND EXPORT PTE LTD, Singapore, May 2020
Had a really good experience with mentor ,really explained well the OBU project requirements and its really flexible timings according to convenience of the student. Highly recommend virtual mentoring this is from my personal experience.
Sreelakshmi GopakumarNew Zealand, May 2020
I have acquired services from Virtual mentoring for obu RAP. Their mentoring services are very reliable and efficient. They have competent and capable staff which helped me in completing the requirements of RAP very well. Further, they are vety flexible in services as per the requirements and the routine of their mentee.
Nabil Qureshi, ACCA, CMA (US)Assistant Manager Risk Advisory Services at RSM, UAE, 2020
The mentoring services provided by Mr Masood was extremely beneficial for the completion of my project. He was pro active in responding to my queries throughout the day and also had conducted multiple reviews and provided feedback for my project.I would definitely recommend Virtual Mentoring to anyone looking to pursue OBU RAP.
Vignesh MohanStudent, Oman,May 2020
Very professional and slick service. Masood Ahmed Qureshi was a great mentor; he provided very prompt responses and was helpful in allowing me to complete my project successfully.
Tarek RahmanFinancial Controller at Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services, UK, May 2020
Provides efficient preparation guidelines, very fast and sharp feedback. I definitely recommend VM
Wonwoo LeeFinancial Accounting Specialist, Canada, May 2020
The mentor is very helpful in guiding me on the structure of the report and always give a fast response to my questions. The mentor also constantly provides feedback on my report. Overall, I had a good experience with virtual mentoring!
JiaQian LinStudent at University of Melbourne, Singapore, May 2020
I take the mentoring program of OBU RAP at VM after I searched some different training school at internet. They have different package of mentoring to be chose. This is very flexible and I can base on my requirement and level to choose which program is suitable for me. My mentor – Mr. Masood is very helpful at all.
Angel NganProud to be Hawksford at Hawksford, Hong Kone, May 2020
Overall, excellent mentoring by well qualified mentor.
Moeen AsgharPakistan, Nov 2019
Relationship and communication between me and the mentor is perfect.
Vincent MittowKenya, May 2020
It provides best service, mentors are so helpful and cooperative , i recommend VM’S services to other students.
Khadija Rashid HemedTanzania, May 2020