A Humble Beginning

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to

reveal to him his own. Welcome to your own discovery of yourself!


At Virtual Mentoring (VM), we strive to help students integrate their knowledge and launch a successful career. We provide mentoring services to students for OBU RAP, ICAEW Membership, MSc in Professional Accountancy UoL, MSc Accounting, and Finance UoN, ACCA Membership, OBU Global MBA.

  • Our main goal is to provide virtual assistance;
  • Our highly qualified mentors will provide proper guidance to the students to complete their respective program in an effective manner to get the highest grades;
  • We provide DIRECTIONS, GUIDANCE, and SUPERVISION to all our students during the mentoring sessions; and
  • We conduct meetings via video conference facility (e.g. Zoom) and interactions over emails.

``VM`` Online Mentoring Institute for ACCA Students


We strive to become the destination of choice for the most talented, ambitious minds in the world!


Our Vision

We aim to become the best remote mentoring institution with experienced professionals offering high–quality mentoring services to students in order to be successful.


Core Values

Providing mentoring services according to prescribed guidelines from the respective universities. The success of our mentees is the most important aspect of our work.


Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare our students for success and excellence in their chosen fields through proper mentoring. We invest ourselves to transform students into valued professionals


Mentoring Network

Our network of Online Mentoring offers services to students located all over the world rather than a few regions or areas. we support students regardless of their geographical location.

Our Testimonials


VM's contribution to growth of People

The journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step-Take your first

step now!


2007 - The Journey of thousand miles began

In early 2007 some young ACCA members laid the foundation of VM

2009 - The initial days of Online Learning

We expand our spectrum and started online Mentoring Services to ACCA students


2011 - The enrollment began from all over the world

Now this was the time when VM’s network expanded all across the Globe.

2021 - The Best online learning center

Our students recommended us as the “Best Online Institute” to provide mentoring services for OBU, ICAEW, UoL, ACCA, etc.

Our Success Ratio

We measure our success through the satisfaction of our students. When they refer

someone, we feel elated!


1400+ Happy Students


30+ Sessions Completed


14+ Years of Experience