Comparison of all Mentoring Packages (OBU)

We have provided detail of each mentoring package, i.e. Basic Mentoring Package, Standard Mentoring Package, Extensive Mentoring Package, RAP Re-submission Package, and RAP Review Package, on our website (click on the respective package above to get further details) and here we are providing an overall comparison of all packages for quick understanding for our students. Feel free to contact us in case of any queries/confusion, as we are always available for your support.

 Description Basic Mentoring Package Standard Mentoring Package Extensive Mentoring Package Re-Submission Package RAP Review Package
Disc. Package Fee (as of 01 March for May session/01 Sep for Nov session) – USD 191.25 297.5 382.5 USD 80 to USD 250 USD 80 for 1st review (USD 40 for each extra review)
Package Fee w/o disc. (as of 01 May for May session/01 Nov for Nov session) – USD 225 350 450
No. of online meetings 3 4 Multiples (5+) As per agreed fee No
No. of extensive reviews of RAP documents 2 6 Unlimited As per agreed fee 1 / Multiple (as per selected package)
Notes and learning material (as allowed by OBU) No No Yes No No
Final Sign off Yes Yes Yes As per agreed fee. n/a
Detailed briefing on the prescribed requirements of OBU related to the preparation of RAP during the first meeting Yes Yes Yes n/a No
Explaining each important aspect of the Information Pack in detail Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Detailed guidance in selecting the appropriate topic and company based on the student’s overall level of knowledge along with accessibility to required information for the preparation of the RAP Yes Yes Yes Yes No
24/7 availability of mentor (WhatsApp/Signal/IMO/LINE/BOTIM, etc.) No Yes (limited) Yes No No
Regular correspondence with students via email for responding to specific queries No Yes Yes As per agreed fee Limited

Online /Live review of document

No No Yes As per agreed fee No


Transfer charges are included in the fee amount as our Global Payment Agent charges this amount to secure your transaction and details.

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