``VM`` Online Mentoring Institute for ACCA Students


We, (VM), are here to integrate the solution for the successful career of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) students who are intend to take BSc Hons degree in Applied Accounting

Why Us

Under the tutelage of our qualified Registered mentors, our students will obtain high quality mentoring services to pass their RAP in first attempt

What We Offer

Our mentoring services are completely in alignment what the prescribed guidelines of OBU specifically devoted to mentors. We offer other programs too

``VM`` Management

Our management and mentoring team consists of professionals experienced in all prescribed disciplines, with extensive teaching and mentoring experience

Popular Topics

Prepare your RAP by selecting any of these popular topics among 20 RAP Topics…..NOW!

Analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of an organisation over a three year period


Topic 15

Analysis and evaluation of the management of an organisation’s working capital over a three year period


Topic 18

A review of the marketing strategy of an organisation and its effectiveness see the details of this topic

Our Mentoring Packages

“VM” provide 3 different Mentoring packages for students. You can pay in Installments.
Basic Package
    • 3 meetings
    • Two reviews of RAP work
    • final Sign Off
    • Limited Support
    • 15% disc. on fee if RAP completed by 1 April 2021

Standard Package
    • 3 meetings
    • 5+ reviews of RAP work
    • Respond queries on email
    • Final Sign Off
    • 15% disc. on fee if RAP completed by 1 April 2021

Extensive Package
    • 3+ meetings
    • Unlimited reviews of RAP work
    • Respond queries on email and Final Sign off
    • Extensive Support
    • 15% disc. on fee if RAP completed by 1 April 2021

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Important Features of RAP

There are some important features of Research and Analysis Project

Wide Range of Topics

OBU is offering wide range of topics for students to choose from. They can make their choices of personal interest and knowledge, along with available information on a specific topic. Student can select any topic from a selection of 20 available topics. A unique feature of these topics is that they all cover various business aspects that students have covered while acquiring their ACCA qualification. Each given topic has specific requirements, so student needs to choose a topic while taking into careful consideration all aspects

Topic Selection

Students can get confused while making their selection of an appropriate topic for their RAP. The selection of the proper topic is very important; the successful completion of the RAP is completely dependant on the selection of a most suitable topic that the student can satisfactorily analyze. Student should carefully consider his/her own interest, knowledge on the specific area, and availability of information while making the choice of topic. The proper feedback from highly qualified mentor is of great importance while selecting the appropriate topic

Company selection

Selecting the appropriate company is extremely important, as is the object on which the student needs to apply requirements of the selected topic. The student should carefully consider its own interest and knowledge on the proposed company and associated sector, and the availability of information while selecting the appropriate company for RAP. Fair understanding of the overall operations of the selected company enables the student to make a critical analysis as per the prescribed requirements of a specific topic.

Our Global Network


We have students from all across the World

Our network offers services to students located all over the world rather than few regions or areas, so we support students regardless of their geographical location. Our students are located World wide.

Phases of Mentoring

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you would never cease to grow. We

fuel your passion at “VM”!


Phase 1


At first we plan out whole period of mentoring by interacting students and ask their special requirements. To understand the process.


Phase 2


Provide a platform for the students to explain their work/approach and answers various queries from the mentor.


Phase 3


Final phase begins when students ready to submit their projects. To see how Mentors guide the students through whole process

What Students Say

We measure our success by our students’ satisfaction. Click here for our LinkedIn Profile
Free Consultation with Mentor

If you want general guidance/mentoring/counselling related to OBU RAP, ICAEW Membership based on experience, ACCA membership, etc. or you want to discuss any specific concerns related to your professional field then you can consult with one of our Mentor.
Note: Kindly wait response of mentor after submission of this form as we don’t entertain students without prior appointment.