Guidance for availing ACCA Membership

The ACCA membership is shown by the proud display of the ACCA abbreviation after your name. The use of the ACCA lettering is identifiable by many sectors and organizations.

The ACCA after your name demonstrates your completion of the ACCA Qualification exams, the Practical Experience Requirement (PER) and the Professional Ethics module. It also:

  • Will distinguish you as a qualified accountant and will show your devotion to ethical and professional standards.
  • Will give you the possibility to work in any given sector all around the world.
  • Will increase the opportunities for employment, as the employers know the advantages that an accountant with an ACCA qualification can bring to their business endeavours; and
  • Enables you to be a degree above your peers.

The dedication and efforts you have implemented in obtaining the ACCA degree are reflected in the membership of the ACCA, giving you a recognition of the hard work and serve as a proof of your morals, high ethics, technical skills, and analytical thinking. All the members of the ACCA:

  • Have succeeded in passing all necessary exams.
  • Have fulfilled all experience requirements.
  • Have completed the ACCA Ethics Module.

When first becoming a member, all the members of the ACCA pay an admissions fee and must pay an annual subscription fee.

Benefits of ACCA Membership

After the successful completion of all the ACCA exams and the required 36 months of practical experience, you will be qualify to state the ACCA letters after your name, with which you can be eligible to apply to a multitude of career opportunities and gain a reputation as a respected member of a global community of professional accountants.

Being a member of the ACCA also enables you to have access to a multitude of resources like the free accounting and auditing standards, various technical updates, face-to-face or online learning and acquiring further qualifications. It also shows to the employers and clients that you are dedicated to your profession and strive to maintain high ethical and professional standards.

The ACCA membership can be considered as a gateway to market your skills across the world. This is a worldly recognized degree, which makes it appealing to many students from across the globe, and you may meet fellow ACCA members in various locations, along with the possibilities to have a world touring career.

The ACCA membership opens many doors to various career and personal possibilities. There are also many benefits, like access to first-grade services for professional improvement, and the like. Some of these benefits are:

  • ACCA abbreviation after your name.
  • Chance for a career in global frames, and a vast professional network.
  • Continuous support in the professional development.
  • Prompt information on many trends, changes, and possibilities, and
  • Career service, customer care, and support in every moment.

These are just some of the various other positive elements that ACCA members enjoy. You can find much more in the “Benefits of ACCA Membership Brochure”, click here to download

Eligibility Requirements

To become a member of ACCA you have to:

  • Complete the ACCA exams.
  • Complete a Professional Ethics module.
  • Gain 36 months of practical experience in relevant service (and record it as ‘work experience’ in your online profile under My Experience)

And either:

  • answered the challenge questions for 9 performance objectives and had these reviewed and signed off by your workplace mentor


  • Confirm that your employer is an ACCA Approved Employer – trainee development stream at gold or platinum level, and he has granted a performance objective exemption to you.

ACCA Membership claiming procedure

To get your ACCA membership in the base of ACCA qualification, the candidate must fulfil the Practical Experience Requirement (PER). For the completion of PER, the performance objective that you will achieve will demonstrate that you have knowledge, skills, and behaviours obtained through the learning process, and you know how to implement them in real-life, work environment.

The performance objectives that you have to fulfil delineate what kind of objectives you can perform in the work environment. They also show that you not only possess technical knowledge, also possess, and have the correct values and attitudes that an accountant needs to have.

There are a total of nine performance objectives that you need to fulfil:

  • Five Essentials objectives – obligatory.
  • Four Technical objectives – you can choose from the offered.

Essential Performance Objectives 

All five required:

  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Strategy and innovation
  • Governance, risk and control
  • Leadership and management

Technical Objectives 

Choose any four from these categories:

Corporate reporting

  • Record and process transactions and events
  • Prepare external financial reports
  • Analyse and interpret financial reports

Financial management

  • Evaluate investment and financing decisions
  • Manage and control working capital
  • Identify and manage financial risk

Sustainable management accounting

  • Evaluate management accounting systems
  • Plan and control performance
  • Monitor performance


  • Tax computations and assessments
  • Tax compliance and verification
  • Tax planning and advice

Audit and Assurance

  • Prepare for and plan the audit process
  • Collect and evaluate evidence for an audit
  • Review and report on the findings of an audit

The fulfilment of these performance objectives will be demonstrated to your practical experience supervisor by performing five activities in the work environment and later write a statement on each performance objective.

You can find more information on the Performance Objectives by downloading (click here)

The PER achievement progress, the employment details and your time in a relevant role are recorded in My Experience, in your online profile on myACCA account.

Exemption from the Performance Objective

If your employer is an ACCA Approved Employer holds a trainee development approval at either a gold or a platinum level, in that case, they may allow you to ask for a performance objective exemption. This means that you are not required to complete or document performance objective in My Experience.

You must ensure that your employer is indeed a gold or platinum level member and that they are willing to allow for the exemption.

Even if you qualify and get an exemption, the 36 months of practical experience is still required and need to be recorded in My Experience.

Guidance Services for availing ACCA Membership

We offer our services to ACCA Affiliates in obtaining ACCA Membership after completion of 36 months of experience. After registration with us, a member of our team (i.e. Mentor) will coordinate with you and guide you through the entire process and facilitate your troubles by writing your objectives by keeping in consideration of requirements of ACCA. Mentor will review your answers and provide feedback to ensure that all answers are in alignment with the overall requirements. Several major benefits for employing our services are:

  • Complete guidance through the entire process for obtaining an ACCA Membership.
  • Guide students in answering of specific objectives based on their experience.
  • Multiple feedback on answers for 9 selected objectives before submission; and
  • Provide professional advice to avoid any hassle through the entire process.

ACCA Membership Guidance Fee

We offer our services to ACCA Affiliates in obtaining an ACCA Membership after their acquisition of 36 months of practical experience. After your registration with us, one of our team members will explain you the entire process and guide you in writing your objectives, while upholding the prescribed requirements of ACCA.

It is more appropriate for students to organize Free Consultation Session (click here to access Free Consultation Form) with a designated mentor and understand the entire process. We will then quote our fee by taking into consideration the requirements of students in terms of the level of guidance, number of reviews, number of meetings, etc.

*20% discount on fee applicable for our old students.


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