Extensive Mentoring Package

Our Extensive Mentoring Package is aimed at students with limited knowledge of the overall requirements of OBU related to the preparation of RAP and who do not have sufficient understanding of the requirements for the proposed topic for the RAP. These students need incredibly detailed guidance from a professional (i.e. Project Mentor) and continuous mentoring support by providing live feedback for fast resolution of their issues and answers to their queries.

“This package is meant for the students who require substantial involvement of their Project Mentor in each part of the preparation of their RAP through regular interaction over email, video conferencing and live feedback.”

Key Features of Extensive Mentoring Package

  • Detailed briefing on the prescribed requirements of OBU related to the preparation of RAP during the first meeting.
  • Explain each important aspect of the Information Pack in detail.
  • Detailed guidance in selecting the appropriate topic and company based on the student’s overall level of knowledge, along with accessibility to required information for the RAP preparation.
  • Multiple online meetings (approx. 5-6) with the student to explain every aspect of the RAP and its preparation.
  • Availability of Project Mentor on WhatsApp/Signal/IMO/Skype/LINE/BOTIM, etc.  (24/7) regarding answering your queries.
  • Regular correspondence with students through email or video conferencing and continued feedback on resolving the various issues, problems, and confusions that students may face.
  • An extensive review of each section of the RAP (without limiting the number of reviews). The Project Mentor will provide specific feedback on specific sections, provide comments and advice, and review the changes and amendments to ensure that students are working according to the prescribed requirements by OBU.
  • The online review is available in this package. The mentor will review the student’s work while connecting with the student via an online communications medium (e.g., Skype/MS Team/Zoom, etc.) and give specific live feedback. This option will resolve most issues the student may face and save time and redundant efforts while preparing the RAP.
  • Guidelines for the preparation of SLS and presentation. The mentor will provide specific guidelines and advice on SLS and presentation.
  • In this package, the mentor will share notes and learning material (as allowed by OBU). This helps the student prepare a quality RAP that will improve the chances of the student getting good grades and save future efforts and time for the student.
  • Final Sign-off on completed RAP by Project Mentor.

Package Detail:

Package Name Mentoring Period (May/Nov Session)

*Fee (USD)

(inclusive of transfer charges)

Extensive Mentoring Package As of 01 May (for May Session)As of 01 Nov (for Nov Session) 700 600

*Reduced fee is offered for a limited time. 


Transfer charges are included in the fee amount as our Global Payment Agent charges this amount to secure your transaction and details.

A 15% discount is applicable on a mentoring fee if the student completes RAP with all respects before 01 March (for the May session)/01 Sep (for the Nov session) – The total price after the discount will be USD 510 – inclusive of transfer charges)

Payment Terms: We don’t demand advance payment as the student has the option to settle the first installment (50%) immediately after a free consultation session / Registration (before the first formal meeting) and the remaining dues before the second formal meeting or after one month of registration whichever comes first.

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