Standard Mentoring Package

We offer a Standard Mentoring Package for the students that have basic understanding of the OBU prescribed requirements in relation to RAP, along with the specific selected topic and company, but want professional mentoring (Oxford Brookes University RAP Mentor) that will guide them through the different stages of RAP so they will be able to complete their RAP in such a manner that will enable them to get a good grade.

“This package is aimed at students who require guidance on each part in the preparation of RAP and request regular feedback from their Project Mentor through email correspondence and three mandatory meetings”

The main difference between this and the other offered packages is that the RAP Mentor will be involved in frequent reviewing the different areas of RAP and will be providing adequate feedback (in written form), and check up on the changes and amendments by the student while up-keeping the established rules and prescribed regulations of OBU.

Key Features of Standard Mentoring Package

– Three mandatory meetings to outline every aspect of the preparation of RAP in detail. First meeting at the beginning of the project, second in the middle of the project, and third meeting at the end of the project.

– Regular feedback and correspondence with students through email about all student queries and project progress and help in resolving various issues and confusions.

Several reviews of different parts of RAP. The Project Mentor will provide specific feedback on respective sections and provide written comments and advice and check amendments. Where necessary, the Project Mentor can arrange an extra meeting (through Skype) in addition to the three mandatory meetings, in order to explain the comments and provide specific guidance and detailed advice to the student.

– Final Sign off on completed RAP by Project Mentor.

Package Detail:

Package Name Mentoring Period (May 2021 Session) Fee (USD)
Standard Mentoring Package As at 01 May 2021 400
Standard Mentoring Package (Disc. Package) As at 01 April 2021 340


7.45% transfer charges apply if you pay through debit/credit card, Paypal.  Our Global Payment Agent charge this amount to secure your transaction and your detail.

15% discount on mentoring fee if  student complete RAP with all respect before 01 April 2021.

Payment Terms: 1st Installment i.e. 33% of the Package fee after first meeting/free consultation with Project Mentor while remaining sum before second formal meeting or after 1 month of registration whichever comes first.

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