Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

By entering and using this web site, you confirm your agreement to our terms of use. If you do not agree to abide by our prescribed terms of use, please do not access or use this web site or use any of our services.  We retain the right, at our discretion, to update or revise the terms of use at any time. Any updates or revisions of our terms of use will be effective immediately after posting them on this web site. Please check the terms of use periodically for any updates or revisions. Your continued use of our services or access to this web site following the posting of any updates or revisions to the terms of use will be considered as a confirmation of your acceptance of the terms of use.

“VM” Policies

Read our Policies details by clicking the following link:

Admission Policy

We reserve the right to not enter into arrangement on our mentoring program with a particular student if we determine that the student has unreasonable expectations (e.g. 100% guarantee for passing the RAP under our mentoring), or if the student is demanding more than it is actually allowed per the established rules of OBU. We believe in treating all stakeholders in accordance with the prescribed guidelines of OBU.

Confidentiality Policy

We are very careful in regard to confidentiality. We do not share the students’ personal information with a third party; we do not store information collected about your visit to our web site. Furthermore, we always make sure to take good care of the work of the student during the mentoring process and take proper measures to ensure the safeguarding of information in respect of the students’ RAP.

Quality Policy

All the correspondence with the “VM” team at different levels is made under the supervision of our senior management. The senior management ensures that each member of the “VM” team works in accordance with its assigned mandate. Further, the senior management ensures that highly qualified professionals will be engaged in the “VM” team, to maintain the high-quality standards.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We do not tolerate ANY sort of cheating or misconduct, especially with respect to Plagiarism. If at any stage of the mentoring process, we feel that the work submitted by the student is not their original work (based on valid evidence), then we will issue a warning to the student to avoid this kind of issue in future. If the student does not take our warning in consideration, then we reserve the right to immediately discontinue the mentoring arrangement without the obligation to reimburse for the mentoring fees already received by the student.

Good Faith Policy

We always work in good faith with students to provide the mentoring services per the prescribed guidelines of OBU. We do not provide any kind of guarantee or reassurance that the student will pass their RAP if they get our mentoring services. It is a common misconception among students that they will pass their RAP if they only get a good mentor, but ignore the most important aspect as the mentor can only guide the student, and getting the passing status with good grades depends upon the hard work, dedication and correct approach toward the selected topic and company.

Communication Policy

We interact with our students through email and online conference facilities (e.g. Skype). We do not interact face-to-face with our students as we provide our services remotely. Remote mentoring services are completely in accordance with the rules of OBU. This aspect is clearly defined in the “Resubmission guide”, this is an exact extract:

 “You do not have to physically meet with your mentor – you can use conferencing facilities/Skype instead. Telephone calls and emails are not sufficient for presentation purposes”

“Terms and Conditions”


We completely understand that our terms and conditions are very strict and straightforward, it is our hope that students appreciate that we do not have anything to hide, even if they do not consider getting our services.

The mentoring arrangement with a student is subjected to the terms and conditions provided here. We always approach our work with good faith in the student, we always opt to outline to our potential students all the terms and conditions; if any important aspect is not mentioned here then the student needs to clearly comprehend all aspects of mentoring in advance, before the commencement of the mentoring service. Any special terms from the student that are not mentioned here and are against the mentoring arrangement under the prescribed guidelines of OBU will not be treated at all. We have categorized all our terms here in several categories, so the student can have quick access to the specific term in the relevant category.

We have tried to cover all aspects of our intended terms and conditions under the mentoring arrangement with potential students, but if you still need to clarify anything without changing the already provided terms, then please share your thought with us and we will respond back to your query. Further, we will also update this section based on the feedback in order to provide the highest quality services without omitting anything.

General Terms

Registration/submission of a RAP project to OBU and assessment fee to OBU is the responsibility of the individual student. “VM” is not responsible for third party registration.

Besides the fact that we have an excellent track record with our previous students passing their RAP, we still do not provide any sort of guarantee at any stage about passing the RAP. Further, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure their complete compliance with all prescribed terms of OBU. We do not accept responsibility if a student should fail due to any reason, as we always work in good faith and confidence in our engaged students, by keeping all OBU prescribed guidelines.

Our mentoring services and respective fees are applicable only in the respective submission period for which the student has applied. We will not be responsible if the student is not able to submit the RAP within the respective submission period (due to any reason). If the student wants to get mentoring services in a subsequent session, then the student needs to pay the full fee for the chosen package.

Mentoring Arrangement

All our mentoring services are in accordance with the prescribed guidelines of OBU and the role of the mentor is clearly defined in the Information Pack. We are not liable to support our engaged students beyond the prescribed guidelines, so it is essential that the students familiarize themselves on all guidelines provided in the Information Pack before entering any arrangement with “VM”.

It is obligatory for students to conduct all three formal meetings with their designated mentor per the prescribed guidelines provided in the Information Pack. The first meeting should be conducted at the beginning of the project, the second meeting in the middle on the preparation, while the last meeting should be held upon completion of the project.

100% compliance with all the guidelines of OBU is a responsibility of the student, as the mentor will only guide the student through the process and will not enforce anything. As stated in “Good Faith Policy”, we work in good faith and trust while adhering to the prescribed guidelines of OBU.

In accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations of OBU, the Project Mentor is not allowed to share samples of the RAP, and in accordance with this requirement, we as “VM”, do not share any samples or any similar documents.

Mentoring Fee

As soon as the student makes the first instalment of the agreed fee, he/she will be considered formally enrolled in our program.

The student must clear its entire dues in the middle of the preparation of project i.e. before the second formal meeting or after one month of registration with us whichever comes first, as we reserve the right to withhold mentoring services until the clearance of the entire mentoring fee.

The prices for our services do not include any possible transfer charges, and the student needs to cover the additional transfer fees (if any). Transfer fees vary per mode of transfer (click here for different payment methods), so the student needs to choose the best payment method suits them. You can consult our team and they will guide you through the most suitable method of payment according to your country of residence.

In the case of Guidance in Re – submission, the student needs to clear the entire due in the middle of the mentoring process. The student can make a payment in two instalments, as we are always flexible with possible payment options.

In the case of Broad Level Guidance Services for RAP, we will only provide feedback to students on the general aspects of the RAP along with some limited specific queries free of charge. If the students require detailed guidance, then they must select a specific mentoring package.

Refund Policy

In the case of postponing the RAP preparation plan by the student due to any reason, we will refund the payment to the student according to a sliding scale. If the student wishes to cancel their arrangement/commitment with us soon after registration, or close to/immediately after the first meeting, then we will hold 33% of the total agreed amount. In the case of a student’s decision to discontinue the arrangement close to/immediately after the 2nd meeting (in the middle of the project) then we will hold 66% of the total agreed amount. No refund will be available for students that continue with the mentoring arrangement after the 2nd meeting.

The transfer fees or other applicable charges for the returning amount under a refund claim will be paid by the student. Further, a refund can be requested within 20 days of commencement of mentoring services (i.e. registration date), as after 20 days we are not liable for refunding any amount to the student, even if no meetings were held between the student and their designated mentor.

“VM” is not responsible for aiding students after completion of the Mentoring Package duration. If any student wants any guidance/help after this period, then they need to pay the additional charges (difference of fee between the different packages) as described in the Fee structure.

Communication Protocols

We will coordinate with our students over email and an online medium (such as Skype) to discuss broad level issues during the preparation of their project. We will coordinate three times  with our students for the three mandatory meetings i.e. at the beginning, middle and the finalizing stages of the project.

Mentors always try to respond as fast as possible to all emails from their students as we need to uphold the quality aspect of our services, we usually respond within 24 hours of receiving a students’ email. The students need to plan their work according to the Mentoring Package duration period, so they may complete their project in time.

The student should communicate with their mentor at least two to three days before the meeting so they both can make arrangements accordingly. The student needs to be available at the agreed time and date, as the postponing of the meeting for a later date can severely impact the overall progress in the preparation of their RAP.

Other Terms and Conditions

The students must complete the ACCA Professional Ethics module themselves as “VM” will not provide any sort of guidance or assistance in this respect.

Any minor or extra help or guidance to the student (other than the prescribed in the Information Pack) will not be charged by “VM”. In return, we will not hold any responsibility at any stage as we always work in good faith and trust in our students as per the suggested guidelines of OBU.

We are responsible for providing regular feedback to students, and in a case of any extra requested favors beyond the overall allowed guidelines of OBU, we politely respond to students and guide them properly in ensuring that they must follow all prescribed guidelines of OBU that have been outlined in the Information Pack. In a case where the student expects any extra favors, we will not, in any case, entertain them, as we always ensure to comply with all the prescribed OBU guidelines.

We are only responsible for providing Mentoring services in accordance with the prescribed guidelines of OBU. We do not provide any writing services in the preparation of RAP, we do not offer assistance to students in dealing with Academic Conduct Officer (in a case of a plagiarized project), nor do we provide students with training to use any MS applications along with many other aspects. In summary, we only provide guidance to our students in the preparation of their RAP, and our role ends on the last day of the selected mentoring period.

In accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations of OBU, the Project Mentor is not allowed to share samples/excerpts of the RAP, and in accordance with this requirement, we as “VM”, do not share any samples or any similar documents. Instead we only share general documents related to the selected topic and company (in Extensive Mentoring Package Only) in order to provide support to our students in preparation of their RAP and getting good grades.