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Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

By entering and using this web site, you signify your agreement to this terms of use. If you do not agree to abide by this terms of use, please do not access or use this web site or get any service from us. We may, at our sole discretion, update or revise this terms of use at any time. Any updates or revisions of this terms of use will be effective immediately upon posting on the web site. Please check this terms of use periodically for updates or revisions. Your continued access or use of this web site following the posting of any updates or revisions to this terms of use constitutes confirmation of your acceptance of this terms of use as updated or revised.

“VM” Policies

Read our “Policies” detail by clicking the link below.

Admission Policy

We reserve right to not engage students with us for mentoring program if we assess that expectations of student is extremely high (e.g. 100% guarantee to pass his/her RAP under our mentoring) or student is demanding more than actually allowed by OBU. We believe to treat all stakeholders as per overall guidelines of OBU.

Confidentiality Policy

We are very careful about confidentiality concerns. We do not share personal information of students with third-parties nor do we store information collected about your visit to our website. Moreover, we always make sure to take good care of student’s works during mentoring  and take proper measure to safeguard information of  students with respect to their RAP. Moreover, we don’t share old passed projects with anyone as we believe that all RAP related work is student’s own intellectual property.


Quality Policy

All correspondence of “VM” team at different levels made under supervision of our senior management. Senior management ensures that each member of “VM” team work as per assigned mandate. Moreover, senior management ensures to engage well qualified professionals under “VM” team to maintain maximum quality standards.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We cannot bear any sort of cheating or misconduct especially with respect to Plagiarism. In any stage of mentoring process, if we feel that submitted work of mentees is not his/her own work (based on valid evidences) then we will warn mentee to avoid this in future but if still he/she doesn’t consider our warning then we reserve the right to immediately discontinue mentoring arrangement. 


Good Faith Policy

We always work in good faith of students to provide mentoring services as per overall guidelines of OBU. We don’t provide any sort of guarantee to students that they will pass if they get mentoring from us. It is common perception among students that  they will pass if they only get good mentor and ignoring the most important aspect that mentor can only guide students and getting pass status with good grades depends upon hard work and right approach toward selected topic and company.

Communication Policy

We interact with mentees through emails and online conference facilities (e.g. skype). We don’t interact physically with students as we provide all services remotely. Remote mentoring services is totally allowed by OBU.  This aspect is clearly defined in “Resubmission guide” under section 6. Exact extract is as follows:

 “You do not have to physically meet with your mentor – you can use conferencing facilities/Skype instead. Telephone calls and emails are not sufficient for presentation purposes”


“Terms and Conditions”


We totally understand that our terms and conditions are very stringent / straight forward but we hope that students  appreciate that we are not hiding anything from them even when they don’t think to engage us.

Our mentoring arrangement with students are subject to terms and conditions provided here. As we always work in good faith of students so we try to clear our potential mentees about all of our terms and conditions but if still any important aspect not mentioned here then student must need to clear all aspects of mentoring well in advance before commencement of mentoring services. Any special terms from mentee that not actually mentioned here and against overall mentoring arrangement under prescribed guidelines of OBU will not treat at all. We categories our over terms in broader category here so that student can get quick access to specific terms under relevant category.

We tried to cover all aspects of our intended terms and conditions under mentoring arrangement with proposed mentees but still if you need to clarify anything without changing already provided terms then do share your thoughts with us and we will respond back to you accordingly. Moreover, we will also update this section based on your feedback time by time to provide best quality services without hiding anything.


Registration/submission of RAP project to OBU and assessment fee to OBU is the responsibility of the individual student (mentee). “VM” is not responsible for third party registration.

Despite the fact that we have excellent track record of students who actually got mentoring from us but still we will not provide any sort of guarantee at any stage about passing of RAP. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that he/she is 100% complying with all terms of OBU. We will not responsible if student fail due to any reason as we always work in good faith for our engaged students by keeping in consideration all guidelines of OBU.

Our mentoring service and respective fee is applicable to the respective submission period only for which the student has applied. We will not be responsible if the student unable to submit the RAP (for any reason due to his/her own issues) within the respective submission period. If student want to get mentoring services in subsequent session then he/she needs to pay applicable fee of respective Package.  


Mentoring Arrangement

All of our mentoring services are as per prescribed guidelines of OBU and role of mentor is clearly defined under section 6 “Role of Project Mentor” of Information Pack. We are not liable to support our engaged students beyond these guidelines so it is necessary for interested students (potential mentees) to get aware off about all guidelines of Information Pack before commencement of arrangement with “VM”.

It is compulsory for students to conduct all three formal meetings with mentor as per prescribed guidelines provided in Information Pack. First meeting should held at the startup of project, second meeting in middle while last meeting on completion of project.

100% compliance with all guidelines of OBU is the responsibility of mentee as we will just guide them to comply rather enforcing or ensuring. We always work in good faith of students as per OBU guidelines.

Mentoring Fee

As soon as mentee will make the first payment then he/she will be  considered formally enrolled in our programme. . If student want assurance about quality of mentoring then he/she can also pay immediately after first interaction/meeting with the mentor.  

We will not bear any sort of transfer charges as students must pay all transfer fees themselves along with our fee. Transfer charges varies as per mode of transfer (click here for different payment methods) so student need to assess which mode of payment is suitable to him/her for settlement of dues.  Better to consult our team and they will guide you about cheapest method of payment as per your resident country.  

In case of “Guidelines in Re-submission” students need to clear entire dues in middle of the mentoring process. Student can pay us in two installments as we are always flexible with our payment terms. 

In case of “Broader Level Guidance Services for RAP”, we will just give feedback to students on general aspect of RAP along with some specific limited queries without any charges. If students need detail guidance then he/she must select any mentoring package. 

In case of postponing RAP preparation plan by the engaged mentee due to any reason, we will refund payment of mentee on a sliding scale. If mentee wish to cancel his engagement / commitment with us after registration or close to first meeting /immediately after first meeting then we will only hold 33% of total agreed amount. In case mentee discontinue close to 2nd meeting / immediately after second meeting (i.e. middle of project) then we will hold 66% of total agreed amount. No refund will be available if students continue mentoring arrangement after 2nd meeting.

Bank or any other applicable charges for returning amount under refund claim will born by mentee. Moreover, refunds can only claim within 20 days for commencement of mentoring services as after 20 days we are not liable to refund amount to mentee even no meeting held with our mentor due to student’s own issues.

We are not liable to facilitate mentees after completion of “Mentoring Package Duration”. If mentee want any sort of guidance / help after this date then they need to pay our extra charges (differential of fee between different packages) as prescribed in Fee structure. Please click here to get detail of  fee and mentoring period.

Communication Protocols

We coordinate with students over emails and online medium (e.g. skype) to discuss broader level issues during preparation of project. We  coordinate three times (under basic and normal mentoring package) with students for three mandatory meetings at inception, middle and finalization stage of the project. 

Mentors always try to respond quickly for all emails of engaged mentees but as we need to ensure “Quality Aspect”  so we may take maximum 24hrs to respond back to students. Students need to plan their work accordingly to complete project in time as per “Mentoring Package Duration.

Student should communicate at least 2-3 days before commencement of meeting with mentor so necessary arrangement should made accordingly.  Students must available on agreed time and date as in case of postponing of meeting it will severely impact on overall progress of the student’s work.


Students (mentees) have to complete ACCA Professional Ethics module themselves as “VM” will not provide any sort of guidance or assistance in this respect.

Any extra minor help / guidance to mentee (other than described in Information Pack) will not charge by “VM” so in return we will not hold any responsibility at any stage as we always work in good faith of students as per suggested guidelines of OBU.

We are responsible to provide regular feedback to mentees and in case of any extra favor beyond overall allowed guidelines of OBU then we respond mentees politely and guide them properly to ensure they must comply all defined guidelines of OBU that mentioned in Information Pack. In case, students expect extra favor then we will not entertain them at all as we always ensure to comply with all OBU guidelines.

We are only liable to provide “Mentoring Services” as per overall guidelines of OBU. We don’t provide any sort of writing services for preparation of RAP , assistance to students for dealing with Academic Conduct Officer (in case of plagiarized project) , or training to students on usage of various MS applications along with many other aspects. In short, we just guide engage students in preparation of their RAP and our role complete by last date of selected mentoring period.





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