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The Oxford Brookes Global MBA is now ranked 5th in the QS World online MBA rankings 2016

Ever since 2001, the ACCA and the Oxford Brookes University have combined their strengths in becoming the leaders in an international education providing a blended-learning Global MBA program specially designed for the ACCA members. This MBA has the AMBA accreditation (Association of MBAs) and EPAS accreditation, while the ACCA has continuously made contributions to the evolution of this MBA in order to provide the highest educational standards.

The Oxford Brookes Global MBA can be taken in a flexible manner and online through the MBA program. This degree is aimed at experienced, globally-connected professionals, enabling you to make a significant impact with your work.

You must work through the international boundaries in order to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. Through obtaining the MBA, you will be encouraged to connect with peers from all over the world, to think creatively, to solve various issues and see and recognize opportunities. You will be taught how to trust your own judgment and achieve your career goals.

No matter your location in the world, this MBA is offering flexibility while providing first-grade education in a suitable manner. You can choose a manner by which you will study, and will meet a work environment that offers collaboration between students and educators.

The Oxford Brookes Global MBA can greatly help you in your aims for a senior financial or management role, or be of indispensable help for starting your own business.

Eligibility Criteria

To obtain the Oxford Brookes University Global MBA, you will need:

  • To be an ACCA member (as ACCA students and affiliates are not yet eligible); and
  • To have a three years’ minimum professional/managerial work experience.

Benefits of Global MBA Programme for ACCA Members

  • The ACCA members have an advantage during the obtaining of the MBA, with exemptions of up to 30 credits for finance and accounting related modules, meaning that you can complete the MBA as early as 24 months.
  • The ACCA members are known for the high professional standard and they benefit from a simplified application process.
  • The ACCA members pay a discount fee.
  • The members of the MBA program get study materials, e-books, and apps for collaboration.

Overview of the Course

The Oxford Brookes Global MBA opens with an introduction program so you will have a proper understanding of the rules of the MBA studies and be equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in your endeavors. At this point, you will be motivated to take a review of your career and make an honest self – audit where you will need to make an appraisal of your personal development and professional career.

There are several core compulsory modules, all listed below:

  • Personal and Professional Development (includes induction, program support and summative action plan)
  • Critical Approaches to Business
  • Global Business Environment
  • Developing Leadership Capability
  • Market Supply and Analysis
  • Entrepreneurial Behaviors and Practices
  • Global Strategy and Innovation
  • Integrated Workshop 1 (residential four day workshop)
  • Integrated Workshop 2 (residential four day workshop)
  • Final MBA Project

Your Personal and Professional Development module starts at the introduction, where you will need to prepare a Personal and Professional Development Journal. The module then continues with an estimated Action Plan for your career. The Critical Approaches to Business module helps in the development of critical thinking and research skills.

After the completion of the core modules, you have to pick an elective module which will enable you to go towards a specialist pathway in obtaining your MBA.

For the completion stage of the program, you have to choose an MBA project. This can be in the form of a dissertation, an individual consultancy project, a group consultancy project or a business start-up plan.

* The final project unifies the knowledge and expertise you have obtained during the program and gives the opportunity to work towards an area of professional interest.

* In order to set a business start-up plan, you will need to have completed the elective Planning for New Business Ventures.

Important Dates

March 2020 entry
Application deadline: 14 February 2020

September 2020 entry
Application deadline: 14 August 2020

March 2021 entry
Application deadline: 14 February 2021

Fee for Global MBA

The ACCA members benefit from a discounted price on their fees as they do not take the Accounting and Finance module:

The standard cost of the full global MBA program is £15,440

The cost for the ACCA members is £11,350

To find out full information on fees, please visit the Oxford Brookes Global MBA website.

How to apply

Please complete application form: APPLY ONLINE

Our Services

Another of our services is mentoring by a “Highly Qualified Tutor” for obtaining a Global MBA from the Oxford Brookes University. Our tutors have extensive mentoring experience and they have a thorough understanding of the prescribed requirements by the Oxford Brookes University, skills that will help our students in obtaining the desired degree.

Our suggestion is for our future students to connect with the designated tutor/mentor and understand the overall process, while the tutor/mentor explains each aspect of the program. After the initial meet with the tutor/mentor, the student is in a position to decide to move ahead and have a better understanding of our proposed services and then continue forward after receiving first payment.

We support our student in the following manners:

  • Complete guidance throughout the entire process for obtaining a Global MBA degree.
  • Guiding students in all general and specific aspects of this program.
  • Guiding students about course works and final project and explain overall expectation of examiner.
  • Review entire work of students both for course works and final project multiple times and give feedback for better improvement.

Provide professional advice in avoiding any hassle throughout the entire process.

Our Mentoring Fee

Our mentoring fees vary for this specific program, as they are based on the following factors:

  • Level of assistance through the entire process from the designated mentor/tutor required by the student;
  • Number of Skype meetings between student and tutor/mentor;
  • Number of reviews of student’s work; and
  • Overall timelines of entire activity.

We always advise the student to first meet with the designated tutor/mentor and understand the entire process. The student needs to explain to the mentor/tutor their requests, after this, we can quote our fee.

Consult Us for Mentoring fee and Registration

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