RAP Re-submission Package

We understand that students prepare good projects, but sometimes they cannot get a passing grade according to the prescribed requirements of OBU, as explained in the Information Pack. For students who are not able to meet some of the “RAP Assessment Criteria” (total of 9) of their RAP, we offer our mentoring / guidance services in a manner that will help them resolve all highlighted issues of marker/moderator. At the beginning of the mentoring with these students, firstly, we explain the marker’s comments and provide feedback and advice for the effective resolution of these issues.

Package Detail of Re-submission Package:

Description Fee Range (USD)
Mentoring/Guidance for Research Report (including a list of references and appendix) USD 150 to USD 300
Mentoring/Guidance for Skills and Learning Statement (SLS and presentation) USD 75 to USD 100
Mentoring/Guidance required for entire RAP (all five RAP documents) USD 200 to USD 300


The fee can vary (ranges provided above) only for the re-submission package, and the variation depends on the number of areas that need improvements in the re-submission of the RAP. Contact us and share marker/moderator feedback to get an exact quote.

The Project Mentor will sign off the RAP and certify to OBU about mentoring (unless specifically agreed with us) in the capacity of “OBU Registered Mentor”.

Payment Terms: 1st Installment, i.e. 50% of the Package fee at the time of registration / before the first meeting/first review while the remaining sum is in the middle stage.

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