MSc Accounting and Finance (Top-Up) – University of Northampton (UoN)

As the world is quickly changing, all the professionals need to keep up the pace and improve their skills to stay on track with the growing needs. To be more noticeable in an already saturated market, following professional bodies (listed below) are offering their graduates to add MSc Accounting and Finance (Top-Up) degree (distance learning by submission of dissertation) from the University of Northampton (UoN). List of professional bodies whose graduates can avail this degree are as follows.

The UoN is one in a very prestigious group of educational facilities, and being a member of above mentioned professional bodies, you have a unique opportunity to get Accounting and Finance (Top-Up) MSc degree from this institution, and to study the course remotely, from any place in the world.

Why University of Northampton (UoN)?

This is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the UK and is famous for the accessibility of its degrees for student all over the world. UoN is one of the few universities that ranked in Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

UoN (Northampton Technical College) was established in 1924 and it has tremendous history in almost last 100 years. In UoN, you can study from home via the distance learning option along with on campus qualification. Further detail related to UoN can be found on its website https://www.northampton.ac.uk/

Your CV will stand among the crowds with Accounting and Finance (Top-Up) MSc degree from UoN, alongside your other professional qualification.

Who is Eligible for an MSc Degree (UoN)?

If you have successfully completed professional qualifications (i.e. AIA, ACA, ACCA, CIMA, ICAP or CPA Australia) then you will be eligible to apply for this programme.

International equivalents may be accepted such as OTHM Level 7 Diploma in Accounting and Finance (RQF). All International and EU students applying for a course with us must meet the minimum English language requirements i.e. IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent) for study at postgraduate level.

For information regarding English language requirements for UoN, please consult IELTS page.

How it works?

This programme will broaden your specialist knowledge previously gained at a professional level. The module, ‘Accounting & finance research project’ guides you to research into the key challenges accounting and finance professionals face in the industry. This module aims to equip accounting and finance professional with the necessary skills to undertake independent project work within a business context.  The Research Methods element provides you with an introduction to research, types of research methodology, formulating and planning a research project, data collection, analysis and presentation of research findings based upon an actual industry specific or corporate focused topic.

Dissertation / Module

Students need to prepare dissertation (i.e. FINM025 Dissertation and Research Methods – 60 credits) and UoN assess it as per overall requirements specified for the dissertation. All guidelines and specific requirements related to dissertation share with students after successful registration with UoN by paying applicable fee.

The complete course runs over one year via part-time distance learning.

Key dates and UoN Fees 

UoN Distance Learning Fee£2,355

Note: There are no additional costs for this course for students beginning their studies in September 2023. Please note that this course is not eligible for Postgraduate Loan funding. Please see UoN website scholarships page for more information on the funding that may be available to you.

Our (“VM”) Services

We are offering mentoring services to students in obtaining Accounting and Finance (Top-Up) MSc degree from UoN. Our mentors have extensive mentoring experience and have an excellent understanding of the requirements prescribed by the university.

Our suggestion to our students is to first contact with our designated mentor (contact us) and understand the overall process. Our mentor will explain each aspect of this program and after the initial meeting with the mentor, the student is able to decide better keeping in consideration overall understanding of the programme and assessment of quality of mentoring.

We support our students in the following manners:

  • Complete guidance through the entire process of obtaining Accounting and Finance (Top-Up) MSc degree.
  • Guide students in all general and specific aspects of this program.
  • Guide students about dissertation and explain overall expectations of the examiner.
  • Review dissertation work at various stages and provide feedback for improvement; and
  • Provide professional advice in avoiding any hassle throughout the process.

“VM” Mentoring Fee

Our mentoring is based on the following factors:

  • Level of assistance throughout the entire process from the designated mentor required by the student.
  • Number of online meetings between student and mentor.
  • Number of reviews of student’s work, and
  • Overall timelines of entire activity

Mentoring Fee:  It is more appropriate for students to organize Free Consultation Session (click here to access Free Consultation Form) with the designated mentor and understand the entire process. We will then quote our fee by keeping in consideration the requirements of the student in terms of the level of guidance, number of reviews, number of meetings, etc.


  • 7.45% transfer charges apply if you pay through debit/credit card, PayPal.  Our Global Payment Agent charge this amount to secure your transaction and your detail.
  • We don’t demand advance payment from any student as the student has the option to settle the first instalment (50%) immediately after free consultation session / Registration (before first online meeting) and the remaining dues before second formal meeting.

Consult our LinkedIn Profile “VM Mentoring” and “Masood Ahmed Qureshi” to check recommendations of our old students.

Consult us for any question / clarification

Click here for detail about different payment methods.

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