Frequently Asked Questions- General Questions

The FAQs are divided into several categories so the students will get fast answers and resolution of any possible problem
Am I eligible for the OBU degree (i.e. BSc Hons. in Applied Accounting)?
How long does it take to complete the RAP?
What evidence must I produce of my ability in English as it is not my first language?

Mentoring and the Role of the Project Mentor

How do I get help in preparing for the project?
Where can I find OBU Registered Mentors?
Why should I get a mentor?
What are the major characteristics of a Project Mentor that the mentee should consider before the commencement of getting mentoring?
What does a Project Mentor do in the RAP preparations?
How many meetings should I get with my Project Mentor while preparing the RAP?
Is a face-to-face meeting required between the Mentor and student?
Is the mentor allowed to make corrections on my work?
Can the mentor give some help in formatting, editing, graphs, etc?
Should I accept someone else to prepare my RAP instead of me?
How to check the credibility of the mentor?
Is it compulsory to get an OBU registered mentor?
Do OBU registered mentors have more experience or know more about mentoring?

Topic Related Questions

What do I do if I want to do an alternative topic?
Can I change the topic title slightly?
What is the most appropriate topic for RAP?

Company Related Questions

Why do I need a comparative company analysis for some topics?
What is the most appropriate company for my RAP?

Content/ Structure of RAP

What is included in the current word count limits?
What is included in the Word Count?
What is the word count of the different sections of the Research Report and the Skills and Learning Statement?
What should be the Content of the Research Report and the Skills and Learning Statement?
How important is it that I include graphs and bar charts in my Report and Presentation?
If I analyze some published financial statements, do I have to include them with my project?
I intend to analyze some questionnaires – do I have to include them all in my project?

Referencing Related Questions

How important is it to use references properly?

Skills and Learning Statement including presentation

I read there are no right or wrong answers for the SLS – so why have I failed my SLS?
How many slides should be included in Presentation file?
What is the important aspect that student needs to consider during the presentation session?

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