word count of RAP

The student needs to stay within the specified word count. Oxford Brookes University (OBU) reserves the right to fail any project that contains more than the maximum 7,500 prescribed words. The total word count needs to be declared on the title page of the Research and Analysis Project (RAP).

The 7,500 word count contains everything starting from the title page, table of contents to the end of the conclusion. This does not include the list of references and the appendices. It includes all the words in the tables, graphs and pictures along the text.

If the student selects Topic 8 “’The business and financial performance of an organisation over a three year period”, they are most likely to use published financial statements of the selected company as a source of information. This means that the appendix needs to include appropriate extracts from the company’s financial statements, which is not included in the total word count.

The appendices need to be used as a supporting data and information. There should not be any written text that has to belong in the main body of the Research Report. The number of appendices needs to be as low as possible, and no more than 8 sides, excluding the extracts from a potential financial statement.




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