What is SLS?

The Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) is the opportunity for the student to show that they have developed the important or “key” graduate skills of self-reflection and communication. The student will give the necessary evidence of self-reflection by answering the proposed questions. The communications skills will be developed by preparing and giving a presentation to their Mentor. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation needs to be included in the submission of the project as a proof of the skill development.

The SLS must be based on the following two questions:

  1. How have you developed, personally and professionally, as a result of undertaking the Research and Analysis Project?
  2. How will the experience of the RAP help you in the future?

For Q1 consider :

  • What new skills you acquired and how you developed them
  • the challenges you faced and how you overcame them

For Q2 consider:

  • made you more employable and capable
  • might influence your future plans in the short and longer term

Important and significant part of the working or learning parts of a person’s life is the ability to evaluate the personal performance and be aware and know the personal development needs. Has everything that has been planned, achieved? If the answer is no, then what should that person improve in the future? Sometimes cooperation with other people really helps complete the set objectives; the ability to make the most of the resources and do an effective communication are two very important personal attributes. The ACCA education provides knowledge in accounting and business, and the research that is necessary only enhances the practical skills of the student. What does the student benefit from preparing a RAP project?

The answers to the SLS questions are allowing insight into the student’s personal issues. Even though there are only two questions and a word count of only 2,000 words, the student should not write a precise 1,000 word answers to each question. Many students find that they need more words to answer one and less words to answer another question. It is recommended that the student write from 900 to 1,000 word answers on each questions, and stay within the prescribed word count of 2,000 words.

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