What is the Role of OBU Registered Mentor of Oxford Brookes University for availing BSc Hons. Degree in Applied Accounting?

Any student that plans to submit a Research and Analysis Project (RAP) to OBU needs to contact and render the services of a OBU Registered Mentor. The OBU Registered Mentor has the role of supporting the student during the preparation of the RAP, providing guidance, advice and feedback to the student where necessary.

The other role the OBU Registered Mentor has is to vouch to OBU that they have been the student’s mentor and the submitted RAP is the student’s personal work. The online RAP submission requires the submission of the Mentor’s registered e-mail address, later the Mentor will be required to confirm that they have in fact been the student’s mentor.

The student needs to have at least three meetings with their OBU Registered Mentor. These meets allow the OBU Registered Mentor to provide their guidance during the student’s work on the RAP and give the appropriate feedback. These meetings allow the student to develop interpersonal skills like questioning, listening and giving a presentation. The student will be asked to reflect on the developing of such skills in the Skills and Learning Statement.

No OBU Registered Mentor is required to have extensive knowledge in every project topic or academic research. The Mentor does not play any role in the assessment of the RAP, except the confirmation to OBU that the RAP is the student’s own work. The OBU Registered Mentor cannot help the student by telling them what to write in order to pass the RAP. The Mentor also does not provide advice on the content and structure of the Research Report, nor does the Mentor help in writing the RAP. The content, structure and the writing need to be completely done by the student.

It is always of great help that the Mentor understands everything that is important for the student during the preparation of the RAP. The student needs to share with the Mentor as much information about their RAP as possible, and all the project requirements. This includes the information contained in this Information Pack.

The Mentor helps the student by encouraging the student in creative thinking about the RAP, propose challenges to the student in order for the student to show their strive in reaching the project objectives and the aim for meeting the time frame for submission the RAP to OBU. The Mentor should ask of the student to show their understanding of the issues that arise during research, and may even ask some questions related to the conclusion and recommendations the student has reached.

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