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“An Important Read” before starting working on the Research and Analysis Project

The Research and Analysis Project is the requirement for obtaining the BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (OBU).

The student has showed their undergraduate level abilities by passing all the ACCA exams. The successful completion of the Research and Analysis Project provides an opportunity to show at a graduate level that the student possesses all the necessary attributes to be awarded a BSc degree in Applied Accounting. The student should carefully read the Research and Analysis Project learning outcomes and assessment criteria before starting work on their Research and Analysis Project. This offers an explanation of what is expected of an ACCA student that wishes to submit a Research and Analysis Project to the Oxford Brookes University.

A Research and Analysis Project is significantly different from another ACCA written exam. The student should make many different choices that require them to prepare a good quality Research and Analysis Project. The choice of a company to study, the goals and objectives, the information sources to use and the presentation of the research findings. Every Research and Analysis Project project is different and there is no unique answer that will fit the project objectives. The research results greatly depend on the student’s manners of collecting and analysis of data and the student’s findings are not usually definitive. The conclusions that may arise may be unexpected or not anticipated, as this is the nature of every applied research.

For the purpose of producing a quality Research and Analysis Project, the student will have to evaluate and analyse information from various sources. This means that the student needs to create some meaning to the results they have found, or make a judgement before the conclusion is reached. A simple report of the information that has been gathered is not enough for passing the Research and Analysis Project. An important graduate level attribute is the ability to evaluate and analyse gathered information. This also has a prime influence on the final grade the student will get on their RAP, as the RAP shows the abilities and skills for gathering, analysis and presentation of information.

Any ACCA student may find themselves in a situation where the final class of a BSc degree is not directly affected by the grade on their Research and Analysis Project. But, a proper performance of the Research and Analysis Project demonstrates to the family, friends, colleagues, tutors and employees that the student (now graduated ACCA accountant) is able to perform a high-quality research. If the average ACCA mark has put the student in a position to be able to reach a high grade for their RAP and get a higher class of degree, then the student must strive to reach their highest potential and pass their project on the first submission. The student cannot resubmit a passed RAP and RAP grade will get curbed if a Research Report that has previously failed has been submitted again.

The student’s RAP needs to be aimed on accounting and business issues that are within the range of a company. The student needs to remember that the financial performance of the organisation, whether within private or public sector, is an outcome of the company’s business activities. A company in a private sector competes against companies in selling goods and services and the success is seen in the financial statements and financial performance indicators. That is why, for explaining the reasons behind the change of a company’s financial performance, the student needs to look at the business environment and correctly identify the actions the company, the competition, the government, etc., have taken, and which have led to the change in the business performance of the selected company. For truly understanding the change, the student may need to look on the outside on the selected company.

The other sections of the RAP Preparation Guide give guidance on preparing the Research Report and the Skills and Learning Statement. There are some important issues the student needs to think over before starting preparing their RAP:

The student is urged to read all the important RAP information of the OBU website before they start preparing for their RAP. It is always easier to make significant changes to the proposed project work or outline before collecting all the necessary information. It is much difficult and less productive to have to make significant changes later in the work, while writing the final Research Report and the Skills and Learning Statement.

In the Student Accountant, there are several articles that provide useful information and guidance help for the submission of a successful RAP.

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