RAP Viva Now Part of the OBU Marking Process

A sample students who submitted Research and Analysis Project (RA) to Oxford Brookes University (OBU) will be given a viva – an oral examination.

The RAP assessments are made and comments added by a member of the OBU staff (named the first assessor). Later, a representative sample of the assessments is reviewed by a second assessor from the OBU team. This process is later reviewed by a chief moderator and this involves the analysis made by both previous markers complete with averages, ranges ant the like.

After the internal moderation, a sample is reviewed by an External Examiner that ensures the standards of the programme are applied in a correct manner and are comparable to the standards of other similar institutions.

A sample that consist of students will be given a viva – an oral examination. This sample is selected after the submission of the RAP. Should a student be chosen for a viva, they will be contacted via the OBU ACCA office to finalize the details about the meeting and examination. This may be done face-to-face or via an online medium like Skype. The viva usually lasts about 15 minutes and the questions may relate to any part of the RAP preparation and submission. This process is used to estimate the student’s knowledge and understanding of the RAP and as a manner of confirmation that the RAP is indeed the personal work of the student.

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