Oxford Brookes University (OBU) is currently ranked as one of the best modern universities in the UK. The Oxford Brookes University has an well renowned, international reputation and offers high quality education. It offers its students excellent teaching and research capabilities, allowing them to obtain a globally recognized degree.

The Oxford Brookes University has a tradition lasting over 150 years. Its beginnings were as a small School of Arts, and through dedication and persistence, it has grown into a modern university with a worldly reputation for excellence in teaching and research.

Some of the Oxford Brookes University’s achievements can be seen below:

  1. The OBU is thinking in terms of world-wide, expanding its international boundaries and improving the internationally recognized research.
  2. The OBU estate is famous for its multi award-winning buildings and facilities, and the continuous investments help make it into one of the best in its class.
  3. At OBU the strive is to teach excellence, with high student satisfaction and quality in teaching and research. The highly qualified academics that work at OBU support the student’s development and creativity, ensuring that the students have stimulating experience, lots of opportunities for developing their skills, and offer opportunities for students to partake in projects that enable them to further improve their capabilities.
  4. The OBU character is reflected in the graduates that can easily use the experiences gained at OBU to achieve great career success and make a significance in the world.
  5. The OBU staff consists of 2800 professionals, and with the students, alumni, partners and supporters, this is a community that has a guaranteed success.
  6. The OBU is located in Oxford, UK, an amazing city and a place where we have a great economic, cultural and social influence.

The Oxford Brookes University is incorporated by Statute pursuant to the Education Reform Act 1988 and was named a University by the Further and Higher Education Act 1992. This is the base power for the OBU’s power to grant awards, degrees, diplomas, certificates, etc. and is under the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) which has awarded OBU with a “broad confidence” in the quality and standard of its awards. These are powers awarded on the base of OBU having the appropriate procedures for quality assurance and standards of the awards in design and operation.

The Oxford Brookes University is subjected to the examination of the QAA, which is responsible to the UK Government’s Department of Education for ensuring the quality of UK Higher Education in public interest. So, even of a student does not physically attend the OBU in order to obtain a BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounitng, this degree programme is still under the same rigorous standards as the other degrees offered by OBU and adheres to the standards set by the QAA.

The Oxford Brookes University Business School is delivering some extraordinary teaching, research and enterprise activities in three correlated areas. This is a central part of the OBU, and has a significant role in the bringing initiatives for upholding the mission and vision of the OBU. The OBU Business School is dedicated to maximal improvement of the intellectual, social, and economic potential of the people and communities it serves.

The OBU Business School has been awarded the award of a national, multi-million-pound Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning. This award has led to the developing a new learning centre on campus with implementation of the latest technology in support of the learning process, and this is done in a café-style environment.

The latest QAA audit made to the OBU has brought a conclusion that it has the broad confidence (which is the highest possible category) in the quality and the standards that need to be fulfilled for gaining a IBU reward.

By obtaining a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting by OBU, a student shows their potential to the potential or current employers that they possess all important graduate skills that are allowing them to have a stellar career in finance and accounting, and it is obtained from an university known for its excellence.

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