importance of Information technology in preparation of RAP

Importance of Information Technology in preparation of RAP

The student demonstrates their graduate skills by showing evidence of assessing online sources of information and using spreadsheets during the preparation of the Research Report.

An important thing for the student to consider at the beginning of the project, is how they are planning to meet this requirement. This may influence the selection of information sources and the student should carefully consider the possible impacts on the project objectives and the research questions.

The student will have to word process their Research Report, and this is a part of the graduate skills requirement. OBU also requires evidence of the using of spreadsheets for data processing. This can be shown via the use of spreadsheets for the preparation of the financial ratios or performance indicators, and the student can include the preparation of graphs, tables and charts from the questionnaire findings database. The Excel spreadsheets need to be submitted in the Appendix (as .xlsx or .xls files). The used spreadsheets need to show appropriate use of formulae. Screenshots and PDF files of spreadsheets are NOT acceptable documents.

The Skills and Learning Statement can include a reflection on the use of the student’s IT skills and their possible improvement by conducting the project research.

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