Guidance for Presentation Slides (Research and Analysis Project)

The student needs to give a presentation of the Research Report to their Mentor during their final meeting. It should help further develop the ability to present the concepts and findings of the accounting and business model of the Research Report to an audience. A copy of the presentation needs to be included with the SLS submission.

Any student can easily find examples and advice on how to prepare a good-quality and effective presentation, and it is advisable that the following of this advice is a helpful and good practice.

The Mentor may give some comments on the quality of the presentation and may even give suggestions on some improvements. If is possible and acceptable for the student to revise it after their final meeting with their Mentor. If this is done, it should be included as a reference in the answer to the first SLS question, along with the learned points from this.

The SLS consists of two parts – the reflective statement that contains the answers to the four SLS questions. The second part is the fifteen minute presentation that should contain from 10 to 20 slides, given to the Mentor, and a copy needs to be provided in the submission.

The Mentor will be asked to confirm that they have effectively witnessed the presentation and OBU also requires a copy be submitted along with the RAP. the evidence necessary are copies of the slides used in the presentation and it needs to be in a PowerPoint (.ppt) format.

Content and presentation of the slides

  • Slides need to be interesting, clear and easy to read and understand;
  • Graphs, pictures and charts may be included in addition to necessary text;
  • The first slide of the presentation needs to contain the title and the student’s ACCA number.

The slides should be made to support the verbal presentation and need to summarise the Research Report (including the conclusions and possible recommendations).

OBU markers and moderators have a vast experience concerning receiving presentations and are able to easily judge its quality and the possibility of it being presented within the prescribed fifteen minute duration. It should be noted that it is not only the number of slides, but also the content of the slides themselves.


  • The presentation needs to last 15 minutes;
  • It needs to be about the topic, and not the writing process of the Research Report;
  • The presentation should be a sum of the Research Report (including its conclusions and recommendations);
  • The slides need to SUPPORT the presentation;
  • The slides should be interesting, engaging and clear.

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