Can I use RAP Exemplar / Sample for my RAP?

Usage of sample Research and Analysis Project (RAP) was very common among ACCA students earlier  while they work on their RAP and due to this practice many students intentionally and unintentionally copy large amount of text from samples and present in their RAP as their own work. As this practice is very unethical to present someone work as your own work without acknowledgment so OBU took strict action against this male practice and it is not recommended at all by OBU to use any sample RAP instead OBU provided few exemplars on their website (link provided below) so that student can get an idea for writing style and content but the purpose of these exemplars is only to get an idea instead copying from there. It is always recommended to don’t consult any other exemplar / sample (other than provided by OBU) and even if you consult then restrict yourself to only get an overall idea for your own project instead using same structure / content / style / copying text as there are severe implications for plagiarism. Click here to understand how to avoid plagiarism.

A sample of exemplars can now be accessed on the OBU website:

The provided exemplars are selected because they present a good practice. All the references to the authors, companies and projects have been removed to preserve the anonymity. Because Topic 8 is the most popular topic selected by the students, it is chosen as a sample for an Research and Analysis Project.

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