The OBU requires from its students to include in the Research Report a full detail about the company investigated for the research, the used information sources and the actual data that has been collected. This provides assurance to the OBU that the work submitted is original and the gathered information and analysis in the Research Report are genuine.

If the student plans to collect the primary data from the staff of the selected company, they need to get permission for this by a senior member of the management of the company. In many cases, even though the student has obtained permission, the company may demand the research findings be kept confidential because of different concerns like confidentiality or commercial sensitivity.

If the student wishes for their Research Report to be considered confidential, in order to satisfy the requests of the selected company, then the student should send an e-mail to acca@brookes.ac.uk and request such permission. The student should state the reasons supporting this demand and the ways in which the student plans to resolve these issues during the preparation and presentation of the Research Report. The student will also have to identify the company that is the focus of the Research Report.

It is not allowed that the student submit a project with amended data in order to try and cover/disguise the company’s identity.

OBU reminds the students that all submitted RAP projects are confidential and securely stored. They are never published, and are reviewed only by the OBU marker and moderator and in some cases by an external examiner.

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