Assessment to pass Research and Analysis Project (RAP)

The RAP project is the last component necessary to pass the BSc Hons. degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (OBU) and it consist of two parts: the Research Report (7,500 words) and the Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) (2,000 words). The RR word count of 7,500 words contains everything from the title page and concluding with the conclusion page, not including the appendices and reference list.

The student is required to present their project to their Mentor and this presentation needs to be included in the submission of the RAP to OBU.

The student gets three chances to pass their RAP. Should the student fail on the three separate occasions, they are no longer eligible to obtain a BSc degree. The student can submit the same project three times or prepare three different topics. The student should be certain that they meet the eligibility criteria before they submit a project. This is important if the student is resubmitting a project and is at risk of exceeding the ten year limit of eligibility (click here to check eligibility criteria).

In order to completely pass the RAP, the student needs to pass the Research Report (RR) and the Skills and Learning Statement (SLS). The student needs to pass both components separately within the same submission period, in the other case the student will get a Fail grade to the RAP.

For the Research Report (RR), the student will get a Pass grade (A, B, C) or a Fail grade (F). And for the SLS, the student will either get a Pass or a Fail status.

If the student receives one of the three Pass grades to the RR and a Pass status for the SLS, they will be appointed a pass status on the RAP. The final grade the student receives to the entire RAP is the grade they receive for the RR – A, B, or C. After the student gets a pass status on the RAP, they are no longer eligible for further RAP submissions.

If the student receives a Fail grade on their RR or a Fail status on the SLS, they are getting a Fail grade for the entire RAP. Should the student fail on their first attempt, they will be awarded two more submissions, but only if they fall within the established ten year time frame.

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