“An Important Read” for the Research Report

Before commencing the work on the Research and Analysis Project – RAP (Research Report is part of RAP) of Oxford Brookes University (OBU) , the student should read all the information about the RAP outlined here. This is especially important for the proper understanding if the important matters related to the project and research work:

  • What is expectation of the student in preparing the Research Report?
  • How will it be assessed?
  • Who will be the Mentor?
  • How does the student ensure that the Research Report submission reflects their full abilities?
  • What is the link between the Research Report and the Skills and Learning Statement?
  • How do you ensure that the student has not breached the Oxford Brookes University regulations on cheating?

The purpose of the Research Report is to give the student a chance to show their Technical and Professional Skills in the following:

  • Understanding of accountancy/business models
  • Application of accountancy/business models
  • Evaluation of information, analysis and conclusions
  • Presentation of project findings

And show their Graduate Skills in the following:

  • Communication
  • Information gathering and referencing
  • Information technology which includes the use of a spreadsheet.

All of the above outlined guides have an important contribution to the learning outcome of the BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting programme. The student will show their skills by the correct application of the previously learned ACCA skills by preparing a project in an approved topic area on a specific company. The Research Report has a word count limit of 7,500 words.

Here the student can find advice on proceeding in undertaking the project work. There are also recommendations about the structure of the Research Report and the student needs to be certain they have provided enough evidence to OBU so a positive outcome is reached in every assessment criteria for the Research Report (RR).

The OBU recommendations are not a unique manner for preparation of a good RR. It is up to the student to select the management of the project work and prepare a good RR. Again, the student needs to be aware of how the RR will be evaluated by OBU. The student needs to include all the contend relevant to one or more assessment criteria, in the other case, the student is at risk of not meeting the proposed standards. Also, by including irrelevant content, the student is again at risk by not providing sufficient evidence to OBU that will prove the student’s abilities.

The student needs to know and consider a lot of issues before starting the work on the RR. These issues may have some significant impact on the manner on which the student builds their project objectives, propose the research questions and conducts the research activities.

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