Mentoring services of RAP for OBU

We provide complete mentoring services to ACCA students, so they can become eligible to obtain a BSc. Hons. degree in applied accounting. As RAP mentors, we have very well qualified professionals with vast teaching and mentoring experience. The RAP mentors are assigned to the engaged students (mentees) according to their expertise in the specific topic so that our mentees will get the high-quality mentoring service that will ultimately impact their grade.

In accordance with the guidelines in Section 6 of the Information Pack, the mentee needs to arrange three mandatory meetings, the scope and agenda of these meetings are clearly defined in Section of the Information Pack. The “VM” approach toward the mandatory meetings is clearly outlined below:

Phase 1 – Planning (1st Meeting)

Providing proper information so mentees will understand the role of a mentor through creating RAP and keep expectations as allowed by guidelines by OBU.

–  Guidance about our overall mentoring approach and resolve specific queries/confusions of mentees at the beginning stage.

–  Clarification of all terms and conditions agreed by mentees before formal arrangement is made (if required)

–  Guidance in appropriate selection of topic for RAP

–  Guidance in appropriate selection of company for RAP

–  Guidance on overall goals and objectives along with research questions of RAP

–  Guidance on overall approach towards completion of various tasks

–  Guidance on various sources of information available to mentees

–  Guidance on the significance of the use of primary and secondary sources of information.

–  Guidance on possible limitations that mentees may face during preparation of RAP and proper advice and guidance for effective resolution of such issues.

–  Guidance on possible ethical issues that mentees may face during the preparation of RAP and proper advice and guidance for effective resolution of such issues.

–  Guidance on the proper application of various Accounting and Business models specific to selected topic and company.

–  Guidance on Harvard Referencing Method

–  Guidance on overall word counts of RAP (Overall as well as major sections and sub section levels)

–  Guidance to get highest grades in RAP through fulfilling desired requirements of OBU as mentioned in Information Pack.

–  Asking various questions to mentees to become aware of their level of understanding in different areas of RAP. This activity will enable them to think out of the box rather than only focusing on meeting the mandatory requirements of OBU.

–  Giving access to mentees to our archive section so that they can download some useful relevant general material (if desired).

–  Sharing experiences with mentees so they become aware of possible constraints related to guidance and ways to mitigate them.

–  Agree on a way forward with mentees and also finalize tentative dates of the 2nd and 3rd meeting.

Phase 2 – Execution  (2nd Meeting)

–  Getting feedback from mentees about their performed work (till meeting date).

–  Provide a platform for the mentee to explain their work/approach (till meeting date) and answers various queries from the mentor. This activity will help mentees with demonstrating interpersonal and communication skills in effective manners.

–  Asking various questions from mentees to understand their level of understanding in different areas of RAP and provide on – spot feedback. This activity will enable them to think out of the box rather just focus to meet the mandatory requirements of OBU.

–  Guidance to mentees on their performed work (until meeting date) and provide on – spot feedback and guide them in the effective resolution of all identified issues.

–  Provide specific guidance to mentees in their weak areas through providing practical examples.

–  Guidance for mentees about Presentation and SLS (Skills and Learning Statement).

–  Analyzing mentee’s work in both technical and non-technical aspects and provide various improvement ideas.

–  Guidance to mentees on overall formatting aspects of the project (as IT is one of the major assessment criteria of OBU)

–  Agree on a way forward with mentees and ensure that they understand all aspects of guidance in 2nd meeting in a proper manner.

Phase 3 – Finalization (3rd Meeting)

–  Guidance for mentees (before the 3rd meeting) about how can they give an effective presentation to get maximum benefits.

–  Giving mentee a platform through giving a presentation so he/she can demonstrate his/her interpersonal and communication skills as prescribed by OBU through RAP.

–  Providing a medium for mentee to give a presentation to mentor.

–  Asking various questions from mentees to become aware of their level of understanding in different areas of RAP. This activity will enable them to think out of the box as this really helps them improve their RAP.

–  Provide feedback to mentees on their performed work (until meeting date) and provide proper guidance to overcome all issues.

–  Providing clarifications to mentee on any specific query/confusion/issue.

–  Giving approval to mentee for submission of project after resolving all of the identified issues that have arisen throughout the mentoring process.

–  Guidance to mentees for submission of the project on the online portal of OBU. (http://www.obusubmissions.co.uk/ )

–  Confirmation to OBU, after submission of a project that the submitted work of the mentee is his/her own original work, and the mentee has carried out three mandatory meetings with its mentor as required.

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