RAP topics

If you intend to submit a Research and Analysis Project (RAP) to Oxford Brookes University, Oxford Brookes University requires that you choose one of the following twenty approved RAP topics as the basis for your RAP.

  1. An analysis and evaluation of an organisation‟s budgetary control system and its links with performance management and decision making.
  2. An evaluation of how the introduction of a new technology can assist an organisation in achieving its business objectives.
  3. An assessment of the potential impact of an aspect of impending legislation on the operations and financial position of an organisation.
  4. A review of the business management and accounting issues of environmental costs of an organisation.
  5. An evaluation of the use of short term and long term Islamic financial instruments and their impact on the financial statements of an organisation.
  6. A critical review of key factors or indicators in the motivation of employees in an organisation.
  7. A critical evaluation of the restructuring of an organisation‟s operational activities and the effect on the organisation‟s financial performance.
  8. An analysis and evaluation of the business and financial performance of an organisation over a three year period.
  9. A critical evaluation of the planning and implementation of an information system in an organisation.
  10. A review of the effectiveness of the use of costing techniques within an organisation.
  11. An investigation into the financial and operational costs and benefits of the internal audit / internal review activities within an organisation.
  12. An investigation into the possible effects of a proposed accounting standard on the financial statements and business activities of an organisation.
  13. An evaluation of the contribution made by human resource activities to the attainment of business and financial objectives.
  14. An appraisal of the business and financial objectives of a strategic investment decision made by an organisation and its impact on key stakeholders.
  15. An analysis and evaluation of the management of an organisation‟s working capital over a three year period and its impact on the organisation‟s funding strategies.
  16. A critical evaluation of the financial and operational risk management within an organisation.
  17. Select an organisation that has been identified as having weak corporate governance structures within the past 5 years. Critically evaluate their corporate governance practices including an assessment of the origins of the corporate governance issue(s) and the organisation’s response
  18. A review of the marketing strategy of an organisation and its effectiveness.
  19. An analysis and evaluation of the financial and operational consequences of a merger between two organisations or of the acquisition of one organisation by another.
  20. Select an organisation that has been identified as having weak social responsibility practices within the past 5 years. Critically evaluate their social responsibility practices, including an assessment of the origins of the problem(s) and the organisation’s response and the impact of this on the organisation’s key stakeholders

For topic 8 and topic 15, you should ensure you are using the most current 3 years financial statements available at the start of the submission period. For topic 8 you are required to use a comparator

The main focus of your project research must be an analysis / evaluation of the project topic area issues in the context of your chosen organisation

There are two crucial aspects to ensure success in this project:

  • Your RAP must be focused on one organisation.
  • This analysis must be a business analysis not just a financial analysis.

You should combine the analysis / evaluation requirement of the RAP with the project topic area and with your chosen organisation to produce your Research and Analysis Project Title.

For example, if you have chosen an organisation called ‘OBU Co’ for your research work, then some possible Research and Analysis Project titles are as follows:

  • An analysis of the key factors that influence the levels of motivation of staff within OBU Co. (Topic 6)
  • An evaluation of the business and financial performance of OBU Co between 1 January 20011 and 31 December 2013 (Topic 8)
  • OBU Co: A case study for the evaluation of the use of different costing techniques in the pricing of consultancy services (Topic 10)
  • A business and financial analysis of the entry of OBU Co into the market for online postgraduate degree courses and the impact on teachers and learners (Topic 14)
  • An evaluation of the quality of corporate governance within OBU Co and the impact on OBU Co professionally qualified accountants. (Topic 17)

Your actual choice of project topic area and organisation will depend on the access you have to internal and external sources of information about the organisation. This is discussed elsewhere in the RAP Preparation Guide.

 Study of other project topic areas

Students have to remain within the listed topic areas and are not able to request to undertake a RAP based on a different topic.

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