Topic 8 and 15 requirements: submission in November 2020 (Period 41) and May 2021 (Period 42)

Applicable for old students only (OBU has introduced five new topics so below mentioned guidelines are not applicable to new students)

For the above topics and submission dates you MUST use organisations from the following specific sectors, based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB):

The Industry Classification Benchmark is being updated with a new structure adopted on 1 July 2019. The codes used below are the new codes (the codes in the older version are given in brackets).

This link maps new codes to the older version of the definition of the sectors


This is the link to the older version of the sectors



4010 Automobiles & Parts (3350 in older version)

4010020 Automobiles (3353 in older version) – Makers of motorcycles and passenger vehicles, including cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and light trucks. Excludes makers of heavy trucks, which are classified under Commercial Vehicles & Trucks, and makers of recreational vehicles (RVs and ATVs), which are classified under Recreational Products

40101025 Auto parts (3355 in older version) – Manufacturers and distributors of new and replacement parts for motorcycles and automobiles, such as engines, carburetors and batteries. Excludes producers of tires, which are classified under Tires.

40101015 Tires (3357 in older version) – Manufacturers, distributors and re treaders of automobile, truck and motorcycle tires.

4030 Media (5500 in older version)

40301010 and 40301035 Broadcasting & Entertainment (5553 in older version) – Producers, operators and broadcasters of radio, television, music and filmed entertainment. Excludes movie theatres, which are classified under Recreational Services.

40301020 Media agencies (5555 in older version) – Companies providing advertising, public relations and marketing services. Includes billboard providers and telemarketers.

40301030 Publishing (5557 in older version) – Publishers of information via printed or electronic media. 

502060 Industrial Transportation (2770 in older version)

50206010 Trucking (2779 in older version) – Companies that provide commercial trucking services. Excludes road and tunnel operators, which are classified under Transportation Services, and vehicle rental and taxi companies, which are classified under Travel & Tourism.

 50206020 Railroads(2775 in the older version) – Providers of industrial railway transportation and railway lines. Excludes passenger railway companies, which are classified under Travel & Tourism. (Topic 8 or 15 * see note below).

50206025 Railroad equipment (2753 in the older version)

 50206030 Marine Transportation (2773 in the older version) – Providers of on-water transportation for commercial markets, such as container shipping. Excludes ports, which are classified under Transportation Services, and shipbuilders, which are classified under Commercial Vehicles & Trucks.

 50206040 Delivery Services – Operators of mail and package delivery services for commercial and consumer use. Includes courier and logistic services primarily involving air transportation.

 50206060 Transportation Services – Companies providing services to the Industrial Transportation sector, including companies that manage airports, train depots, roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, and providers of logistic services to shippers of goods. Includes companies that provide aircraft and vehicle maintenance services.

* if you are considering topic 8 or 15 please be aware that this sub-sector may be difficult as much infrastructure is publicly owned. There may not be sufficient information to support your analysis, or the accounts may be very complex.

For all topics other than 8 and 15, please also note the requirement to base your project on recent organisational activity or processes rather than historical events. (For this purpose ‘historical’ refers to activity that took place more than the three full calendar years preceding the start of the current submission period.) For example if you were proposing to submit a project in May 2020 for topic 19 the merger or acquisition would have to have taken place AFTER 1 JANUARY 2017