How to manage third meeting with  “OBU Registered Mentor”?

OBU has proposed that the student hold at least three mandatory meetings with the Mentor, each at least thirty minutes long. Upon additional agreement, the student and the Mentor can have additional meetings, and this should be defined before the RAP preparation begins. OBU has also made a suggestion about the framework of the three mandatory meetings.

The Mentor serves a role helping the student in planning, research and preparation of a good quality RAP. There is also the opportunity for the student to develop some necessary skills like listening, asking questions and preparing and giving a proper presentation. OBU has made a suggestion that the extensive planning, taking the appropriate notes and preparing a good agenda makes for a quality, productive meeting, and having the appropriate focus on the important actions and desired outcomes. Taking the appropriate notes is important for the identification and the recording of the important actions will help the student in their Research Report and will help them to easily write the Skills and Learning Statement.

In third meeting with engaged “OBU Registered Mentor”, the student should have a competed research and almost finished Research Report. The student should give a copy of the draft Report to the Mentor before the third meeting takes place. The third meeting needs to have a fifteen minute long PowerPoint presentation that the student presents to their Mentor and if possible, simultaneously to other fellow students.

The student needs to do a proper research and learn how to prepare and give a good PowerPoint presentation. A copy of this presentation needs to be submitted with the Skills and Learning Statement portion of the RAP. This will also help the student in honing their presentation skills to an audience and skills in answering questions in such conditions.

The Mentor may focus on the following issues in the third meeting:

  • Is the content of the presentation consistent with the Research Report findings?
  • How effective was the presentation? Did it make sense?
  • Are there satisfactory links between the different parts of the project, from objectives through to findings and conclusions?
  • Is the quality of the analysis and evaluation sufficient to meet the required standard?
  • If the student was to do the RAP again, what might they do differently?
  • Given the feedback and questions, will the student make any changes to their Research Report before it is submitted to OBU?

The student’s desired outcomes from the third meeting may include the following:

  • The student is confident that they have produced a good Research Report which meets the assessment criteria;
  • The student can identify further improvements to the quality of their Research Report;
  • Reflection on the presentation skills for the Skills and Learning Statement; and
  • The student has prepared the required presentation to include in their Skills and Learning Statement.

After the third meeting with the Mentor, the student has to finalise their Research Report and Skills and Learning Statement. This completes the Research and Analysis Project and this is submitted online to the OBU website.

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