When logging on the website for submission, the student will be required to complete the online registration form (NOTE: registration takes about 15 minutes) and there is a checklist that needs to be completed before uploading the project. Any student can find this checklist on the OBU website, listed as related documents, and below in Appendix 9 of this text. The students do not need to upload the checklist, as it is only for students’ information purpose.

All submitted projects will be processed through the TURNITIN software. For more details on this, please visit: http://www.brookes.ac.uk/virtual-gateway-for-staff/what-is-turnitin-/

File size limits: The student needs to make sure that all their files they are planning to submit to OBU are less than 10MB in size. Also, the student needs to ensure that the Word document that has the answers to the SLS questions is less than 250Kb in size. The presentation slides need to be uploaded separately as a PowerPoint document.

    • The Research Report should be a Word document.
    • The Reference list should be a Word document.
    • Any financial statements can be uploaded as PDF documents in the Appendices.
    • While the presentation slides should be uploaded as a PowerPoint document, the rest of your SLS should be a Word document.
    • Any supporting spreadsheets MUST be uploaded as Excel documents in the Appendices.

[Please note that students cannot submit zip files.]

Fee: Any student is required to pay a submission fee to the Oxford Brookes University with their project submission. Details can be found on OBU website or Information Pack.

The required fee is paid online with the submission of the project. If the student has any difficulties with the proposed online payment system, or are unable to pay via this manner, then the student needs to contact the OBU via the following address: [email protected]. Any RAP that will be submitted without a submission fee will not be marked.

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