How SLS is assessed by considering Self Reflection by OBU Examiner?

The Skills and Learning Statement is assessed (by considering Self Reflection) only as a Pass or a Fail, it does not receive a grade. Still, the student needs to dedicate equal attention to the SLS as to the Research Report, because it is necessary to pass the SLS in order to pass the whole RAP project. Self reflection in entire SLS is important and Self-reflection in other words can be called critical reflection, and is a key academic and professional skill. The reflection requires the student to review and evaluate the experiences they have had and the acquired learning. There is an emphasis on evaluation that needs to be noted. The SLS should not be a simple description of the student’s actions, it needs to be an evaluation of the experiences of performing the project work. The student needs to make some meaning of what they have experienced and make a good judgement of  how good they have achieved their set objectives, and also make a conclusion about the value of the process of preparation of the RAP project.

As there is no unique or a model answer to any of the SLS questions, the student needs to make a clear and honest evaluation. Because not every experience can be a positive one, and many things may not have gone as planned, the evaluation needs to clearly reflect on the actual events no matter if they are not pleasant, and not be an idealized version that the student wishes has happened and tries to convince the OBU markers. The applied research is usually messy and unsatisfying, and the student can greatly benefit from all sorts of mishaps that have occurred during the research work. And it is also advisable that all this is reflected in the student’s Skills and Learning Statement.

In order for the student to pass the self-reflection part of the SLS, they will need to make a good attempt and address all the questions in the SLS equally. In any other case, the student will likely fail their SLS. The student needs to show their ability to reflect on the judgements that have been made and the actions they have taken while working on the RAP. The OBU markers expect to see some evidence that the student recognizes their strengths and weaknesses. If the student only provides a simple description of the events that took place while preparing the RAP, they will likely fail the SLS part of the RAP.

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