topic 8 and 15

Selection of main and competitor organisation for topic 8 & 15

Selection of appropriate company for topic 8 & 15 is very important as this plays an important role in passing your Research and Analysis Project (RAP). For Topic 8 and topic 15, student MUST choose organization from the specific sectors based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB).  Student should consider below mentioned important considerations before finalization of main company and competitor company;

1) Reporting currency of both companies should be similar (not mandatory but it really help you to avoid extra efforts to convert figures in similar currency for comparison purpose);

2)  Reporting period of both companies should be similar (not mandatory but it really help you to avoid extra efforts to align figure of one company with another company for proper comparison)

3) Business activities of both companies are similar in nature and their operations should be in same country/countries. It is not recommended to compare two companies from two different countries as dynamics (e.g. economic situation, market, regulations, etc.) are different in different countries.

4) There is no issue if there is huge difference in assets, liabilities, cash flows , revenue, multiple costs , etc. between main and competitor company as these companies should meet above mentioned criteria only.

If any two companies fulfill above mentioned requirements then you can easily proceed with these companies for topic 8 and 15. Both companies must fulfill requirement 3 (mentioned above) while you can modify your approach if reporting currency and reporting period of both companies are not same.

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