RAP Submission Date for Period 40 (May 2020)

RAP Submission Date for May 2020 (P40) session will start from 01 May till 13 May 2020 (it is recently extended till 27 May 2020 due to COVID -19 pandemic).

Key dates for the submission of OBU RAP are as follows;

  • Latest date to complete ACCA Applied Skills &Knowledge papers                        29 February 2020
  • Latest date for completing Ethics module                                                                 25 March 2020
  • Mentor must have completed training and registered by*                                        31 March 2020
  • Earliest receipt of project at OBU                                                                             1 May 2020
  • Latest receipt of project at OBU                                                                                27 May 2020  (extended due to COVID-19 Pandemic issue)
  • BSc degree results release                                                                                         23 September 2020

*i.e. mentor must have successfully completed the Oxford Brookes University mentoring course. You can email accamentoring@brookes.ac.uk to check this.

Period 40: fee £380

Submissions are only accepted between the earliest receipt date and the latest receipt date.

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