RAP re-submission Process

Result of BSc. Hons in Applied Accounting of Oxford Brookes University (OBU) releases in every March and September (for Nov -last year and May session respectively) and few students fail either in 1-2 areas of the project or fail entirely.

Before RAP re-submission, students should aware rules for re-submission and we have listed all important points (mainly extracted from the Information Pack) here for quick reference to our students.

The following rules will apply to RAP re-submission. The Blue table tells you which parts of the RAP you should resubmit, and if you failed your research report, you must also consult the Green Table.




  • All BSc students have three attempts to pass the RAP (one first-time submission and two re-submissions). If you do not pass after the third submission, you will no longer be eligible for the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting programme and will not be able to resubmit.
  • In all cases, you must resubmit within the 10 year eligibility period (see the eligibility rules in the Information Pack). You may not resubmit after this period.
  • Please remember that you are not required to re-submit at the next submission period, and it may be beneficial to defer submission in order to address the feedback.
  • Anonymous marking is now in place being therefore please identify yourself in any documentation using only your ACCA number and not your name.
  • Guidance on submission periods, fees and the submissions portal can be found in the main body of the Information Pack 2019-20.

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