How “OBU Registered Mentor” support students in Skills and Learning Statement?

The student needs to answer four different question that are important for the preparation of the Skills and Learning Statement (SLS). Two questions are directly connected to the meetings with the Mentor (i.e. OBU Registered Mentor):

  • ‘What did you learn from the meetings with your Mentor, including the presentation that you gave to your Mentor?’
  • ‘How have you demonstrated your interpersonal and communication skills during the project work?’

In order for the student to successfully pass the SLS, they need to show their ability of reflection on judgements that have been made and the actions that have been undertaken while the project was prepared. The student also needs to provide the evidence that they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

The student needs to carefully consider what are their wishes and ideas they want to achieve during their meetings with the Mentor. The student should also make notes after the meetings on the happenings during the meetings so they will be able to easily answer the SLS questions. This is also important for upholding the meeting objectives, and remembering if the student has forgotten anything. The notes and a personal diary help to easily create the content of the answers to the SLS questions.

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