How COVID-19 Pandemic can impact RAP Submission of ACCA students?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues all over the world, so OBU has identified ways that how they can support students in the P40 (May 2020) RAP submission.
As per OBU instructions, it is imperative that mentors and students follow local health authority guidance regarding  COVID-19 and OBU require that all mentoring is conducted remotely.  OBU has therefore provided guidance for mentors and students on how this might be achieved, and in particular, how students might make their presentation remotely.  In the event that alternatives such as Skype, Zoom are not possible, OBU is suggesting that students send mentors their slides and have a telephone conversation to avoid any issues due to COVID-19;
OBU is offering mitigation in three ways. These are:-
  • Extension of the submission window until 27 May 2020
  • P40 Industry sectors (for topics 8 & 15) will be valid for P41
  • If P40 was your last opportunity to submit, under the 10 year rule, and you are unable to do so, then you will have an automatic extension to P41

Students who have been affected by their own individual circumstances can also use the existing mitigating circumstances to request an extension. 

Further details can be found on below mentioned documents;


Covid 19 Mitigating circumstances

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