VM Introduction

Online RAP Mentoring Services Programme for ACCA Students 

At Virtual Mentoring (VM), we strive to help students integrate their knowledge and launch a successful career for the    Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) who intend to take on a BSc Hons degree in Applied Accounting, in collaboration between Oxford Brookes University (OBU) and ACCA. Our mentoring services are accessible to ACCA students all around the globe to help in preparation for Research and Analysis Project (RAP) in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by OBU through an Information Pack (IP).

ACCA students are eligible to opt for BSc (Hons.) degree in applied accounting after successful completion of the fundamental level of ACCA by passing ethics module and submitting RAP under guidance  of “OBU Registered Mentor”.

Our main goal is to provide virtual assistance, where “OBU Registered Mentor” will provide proper guidance for students (mentees) and aid in the completion of RAP in an effective manner to get the highest grade. We offer our services through virtual means such as regular email and direct conversations with students for three mandatory meetings through different mediums (such as Skype).

Our services are available to ACCA students everywhere. We are guaranteed to provide the best mentoring services to our students in accordance with the defined guidelines of OBU, so they will have the best chance to pass their exams with high grades.

We provide DIRECTIONS, GUIDANCE, and SUPERVISION to all our students during the preparation of their RAP. We also offer unlimited support to our students in getting effective results and solutions of issues that may arise during the preparation of their RAP.

We understand the value of obtaining a BSc. degree for ACCA students; it is why we are here to mentor you in effective utilization of your capabilities that will ultimately help you obtain your BSc Hons Degree in Applied Accounting and also have a great effect in your professional life later.

To sum up: if you don’t know anything about RAP, do not worry as we are here to help and mentor you through it all per OBU guidelines.

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