Why Us?

Why us

Under the tutelage of our qualified mentors, our students will obtain many benefits. List few benefits mentioned below;

OBU Registered Mentors

  • All of our engaged professionals that directly support students in preparation of RAP are registered with OBU by passing the mentoring related exams demanded by OBU. These registered mentors are well aware of the latest requirements of OBU that enable students to objectively meet all the requirements of OBU.
  • As per our policy, our professionals (i.e. the OBU Registered Mentors) need to coordinate with students only through “registered email address with OBU”. This ensures students that they are getting services only from “OBU Registered Mentors”.

Well qualified team

  • We have a dedicated team of highly qualified mentors that have vast teaching and mentoring experience.
  • A better understanding of overall requirements of all allowed 20 topics enable us to assist mentees in each topic. (Please consult RAP Topics for further detail)
  • As per our quality policy, we assign project mentor to particular student as per overall expertise the mentor has in the specific topic/area. This aspect is really beneficial for students as they get mentoring services from Subject Matter Expert.

Online / Virtual mentoring

The virtual/online mentoring program enables mentees across the globe to get access to highly qualified mentors without the need of face – to – face meetings (as a physical presence is not mandatory per OBU guidelines). This option saves much time and wasted resources for mentees, while still enabling great mentoring opportunities. The time saved through virtual mentoring can be used for research that will result in a good grade in RAP.

Our virtual/online program especially fits those students that do not have direct physical access to registered mentors in their resident country.

Proven track record of mentoring  across globe

We have mentored hundreds of students across the globe on all twenty OBU prescribed topics, and their success puts a positive effect on our contribution.

Highest quality mentoring with lowest mentoring charges

We offer high-quality mentoring services with lowest mentoring fees. (Please Contact Us  for further detail)

Flexible payment and fee options

  • We offer flexible payment options to our mentees so they can pay as the progress along as well as according to the level of effort put towards their RAP by the mentor at the specific time.
  • We offer three types of payment options to mentees based on their progress. This option can enable all those mentees who cannot afford our normal/routine payment fees and they just need to finalize all mentoring arrangement facilities well ahead before the submission date. (Please see our fee plan for further detail)

Guidance to students through preparation of RAP in accordance with prescribed guidelines of OBU


  • Guidance to mentees in the beginning stages of preparation of RAP about overall approach to catering to all requirements of OBU as provided in Information Pack.
  • Give a detailed overview of Information Pack and major requirements of OBU that ultimately save time for the mentee and he/she can focus on core activities in effective manners.
  • Guidance in selection of an appropriate topic for RAP that corresponds with the knowledge and interest of the mentee.
  • Guidance in selection of appropriate company based on the area of interest of the mentees by keeping all constraints during the collection of relevant information.
  • Guidance in proper utilization of referencing method as per suggest method (i.e. Harvard Referencing Method) of OBU.
  • Guidance in effective utilization of IT skills through the RAP to achieve highest grades.
  • Critical assessment of mentee’s work and provide proper and in time feedback to resolve discrepancies in effective manners.
  • Guiding mentees in accessibility of research material that ultimately give very positive impact on overall research work.
  • Guiding mentees about the overall structure of RAP as per suggested guidelines of OBU given in the Information Pack.
  • Guidance to mentees through project preparation about better research approach. This aspect will not only help them in passing RAP with good grades but also help them later in their professional life

Effective resolution of various queries/confusions of mentees ahead of time


  • Effective resolution of various queries/confusions of mentees ahead of time before joining in any formal engagement with us. We believe in guiding mentees and resolving all confusions as much as possible before entering into any formal engagement so that they can engage with us with proper confidence and trust on the reliability of our quality mentoring services.
  • Effective and timely resolution of various queries/confusions of mentees during different working stages on RAP.
  • Providing guidance in final submission of project.

Help in professional grooming of students


  • Through the effective guidance in the preparation of the project, mentees will be able to analyze their key strengths and weaknesses. By effective utilization of their strengths and taking corrective measures for their weaknesses, they can perform very well in their professional life.
  • Guidance to mentees in effective application of their theoretical knowledge as this is the major mandate of preparation of RAP. Under our mentoring, mentees will have a better understanding of the application of accounting theories and concepts in practical scenarios.
  • Guidance to mentees through project preparation in the application of different interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Provide various tips for improvement in weak areas for the mentees.
  • Guiding mentees in the effective management of “Raw Data” and give numerous advice and tips to utilize data by applying “SMART” criteria.
  • Guidance about ethical responsibilities of the mentees as it is very important aspect expected from our profession.

Guide on expected issues/constraints ahead of time


  • Guidance to mentees on possible constraints/limitation under specific topic and company well in advance so that effective planning in the beginning stage will enable mentees to take appropriate corrective measures.
  • Notifying mentees on possible constraints before execution of any activity.
  • Keep mentees informed about better practices (based on our experience) to make the best RAP that will ultimately impact the grades of the project.
  • Keep mentees informed about specific expectations of OBU about RAP (based on our experience) to make the best RAP that will ultimately impact the grades of the project.
  • Give numerous ideas to mentees for improvement in overall research work.

Guide students in analyzing plagiarism aspects  in RAP

Guide mentees in analyzing the Plagiarism aspect of the RAP through utilizing various online tools and software.

Large database of information and research material

  • We have a large database of information on each prescribed topic and on various prominent companies and sectors from all around the world that greatly help our mentees.  Furthermore, this will help them to be more focused on achieving the major requirements of their chosen topic.
  • We have broad experience in mentoring students from all around the world; the database gathered while mentoring previous students (from all over the world) can be of great help to upcoming students as is our guidance on specific matters (based on our extensive experience).

Local representatives/previous students in various countries    

We have numerous representatives and previous students across the globe and if anyone needs general information on our services, then the local representatives or previous students can give a better idea about the overall approach to mentoring. This option can also help resolve numerous uncertainties before entering a formal arrangement with us.

Assistance to students across the globe 


  • Advising students about the overall economic situation of any specific country (based on our experience) well in advance, so mentees can select a topic and company by considering all known aspects.
  • Excellent mentoring experience to students across the globe enables us to understand any specific issues in specific countries. This experience helps us in guiding our international mentees in effective manners by being familiar with all practical issues.

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