Resubmission rules

The following rules will apply to Research and Analysis Project resubmission:


  • If you do not pass the RAP after a third submission, unfortunately you will no longer be eligible to complete the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting degree;


  • If you pass the Research Report at the first attempt, but are awarded a Fail grade in the Skills and Learning Statement, you only need resubmit the SLS. You cannot submit a revised RR in any further RAP submission. The Grade awarded in your RR will carry forward and become the Research and Analysis Project grade if you are subsequently successful in your SLS;


  • If you fail the RR on the first submission you will be awarded a grade C for any successful subsequent RR, even if the resubmitted RR is initially assessed as being of a higher pass grade;


  • If you fail the RR but are awarded a pass in the SLS, then you need only submit the revised RR and not the SLS;


  • If you have changed topic or organisation but have not passed both sections of the SLS (sections 8&9 of the feedback sheet) then you will need to resubmit the SLS in full.


  • You are NOT required to resubmit at the next submission period, students often find benefit from taking time to consider what was wrong;


  • You must resubmit within the 10 years limit;


  • Resubmissions will always require the full project Fee to be paid.


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