Mentoring fee for Resubmission

We understand that a student may prepare a good project, but will not be able to get a passing grade according to the prescribed requirements of OBU. The students that were not able to meet some of the essential objectives (total of 9) of their RAP. For these students, we offer our mentoring services in a manner that will help them resolve all highlighted issues outlined in the marker’s comments. At the beginning of the arrangement with these students, firstly we give a detailed explanation of the marker’s comments and provide feedback and advice for the effective resolution of these issues. These are our fees of this kind of arrangement:

Sr. No Package Name *Fee –(USD) Approach
1. Guidance in Research Report (RR) 150-300 We provide mentoring services to students through three mandatory meetings, along with email correspondence. The overall approach depends on the specific case and agreed fee.
2. Guidance in Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) 80-150


1. The fee can vary only under this specific package, and the variations depend on the number of areas that need improvements in the resubmission of the RAP. Coordinate with our teams to get an exact quote based on the result of the failed RAP.

2. The Project Mentor will sign off on the RAP and provide certification to OBU in a capacity of “OBU Registered Mentor” is covered by this package.

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