Mentoring fee for Resubmission


We understand that many students prepare good project but unable to get passing grades as per requirements of OBU. These students could not able to meet some of essential elements (9 in total) of RAP. For all these students, we offer our mentoring services so that they are able to resolve all highlighted issues of marker’s comments. In inception of our arrangement with these students, first of all , we explain marker’s comment in detail and provide feedback to them for effective resolution.  Our fee under this arraignment is as follows

Sr. No Package Name *Fee –(USD) Approach
1. Guidance in Research Report (RR) 150-300 Under this package we will provide mentoring services to students through 3 mandatory meetings along with correspondence through emails. Overall approach varies case to case along with agreed fee.
2. Guidance in Skills and Learning Statement (SLS) 80-150


1. Fee can vary under this special package and variation will depend on number of areas that need improvement in re submission of RAP. Coordinate with our team to get exact quote based on your result grades of failed RAP.

2. Project Mentor will sign off RAP / Certify to OBU  in a capacity of “OBU Registered Mentor”  under this package.

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