RAP Checklist

 The following checklist is the information you need to follow before submitting your RAP to OBU.
  1. The ACCA Professional Ethics Module (accessed via the myACCA account) must be completed by the date appointed in the period submission date as these are obligatory modules for every student that submits a RAP project to OBU.
  2. All the submitted documentation is anonymous, so please make sure that you have not included your name in any of the submissions.
  3. Are a Reference List and proper citations correctly placed in the project?
    (Find appropriate instruction here)
  4. The equations and formulas you have used in your calculations must be included as a spreadsheet in Excel format in the Appendix.
  5. All the used questionnaires in the information collecting process (if applicable) should be included in the Appendix.
  6. The relevant sections of the pages used from the company’s Financial Statements should be present (Not the entire documentation, only the parts used in the report).
  7. If your RAP is based on topics 8 or 15, then you should ensure that you have used the last three years’ financial statements, especially if this is a first submission .
  8. You need to answer the specific question of the Skills and Learning Statement, and you can use the questions as guidelines or headings in the structure of your SLS.
  9. A copy of your PowerPoint presentation slides should be included in the SLS, and it should be done by the specific guidelines on the number of slides and their content
  10. Is the title page per the prescribed requirements, with your ACCA number and the word count of your RAP?
  11. The Research Report needs to have an approximate word count of 7,500 words, and the SLS about 2,000 words. If your Research Report has less than 7,000 words, and the SLS has less than 1,800, then this submission of RAP is likely to fail.
  12. Double check the word count for the Research Report and the SLS, as they need to be 7,500 and 2,000, respectively.
  13. Before submission of the RAP, make sure that your card details are up to date so you can easily pay the submission fee.
  14. In case of a resubmission, you have to include a Resubmission Statement containing 500 words.
  15. Keep in mind that all submissions of student projects will be passed through TURNITIN to ensure the proper academic practice.
  16. For a small fee you can submit your project to “WriteCheck”™, to review its quality. Click here to get access of this website.
  17. You have to make sure that you are an active member of ACA, and in the case of suspension of your account, then you need to resolve this issue before you submit a project to the Oxford Brookes University.
  18. Check the appearance of your name on the ACCA records and during the submission of the project because this will be the name that will be put on your certificate.

You have to inform the Oxford Brookes University of any changes to your name or address that have happened after you have submitted your project and before the results date. As the University does not automatically get this information from ACCA, it is your responsibility to notify OBU on your personal information. You can email your personal info to OBU on this email: acca@brookes.ac.uk

For any possible issues during the uploading of your project to OBU, you can email acca@brookes.ac.uk


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