Project mentoring

From January 2015 all mentors will have to have to successfully complete the approved on-line Mentoring course and be registered as Mentors for the BSc in Applied Accounting on the website.

Those mentors who have already completed the previous course will be transferred, subject to approval by OBU, to the new site.

We have revised and updated the On-line Mentoring website. The aim of this website is to:

  • Provide a medium for students to find suitably qualified mentors for the BSc in Applied Accounting Research and Analysis Project
  • To provide an On-line Mentoring Course for potential mentors providing them with a knowledge and skills base and learning materials so that they can best support their students in the mentoring process.

Registering as a mentor on this course will give mentors the option to be listed on the global database. The global database will be in both map and list form and will be available to mentees seeking mentors.

The price of the Online Mentoring course for Mentors is currently £85 (GBP). ACCA students can sign up as a mentee (at no cost) through the website (given below) and will have free access to the website and will be able to use it to find themselves mentors.

The Online Mentoring Course aims to give mentors a greater appreciation of the mentoring process and includes:

  • Four interactive work modules, each with an online test
  • Video presentations by senior colleagues which introduce mentoring and detail mentoring in the context of the Applied Accounting Programme
  • Video introductions by Oxford Brookes Visiting Professor David Clutterbuck.
  • Resources and links to further reading
  • ACCA member CPD credits on successful completion
  • Details of global mentoring related events
  • Registration to a global database allowing potential mentees to search for your profile and contact you.

If mentors are ACCA members, studying this module may count towards their CPD as long as the material is relevant to your training and development needs. One hour of learning equates to one hour of CPD: ACCA advises that mentors use this as a guide when allocating CPD units. Upon successful completion of the programme mentors will be awarded with a certificate which may qualify for 6 hours of CPD credits. Becoming a mentor is a noted method of management development. It is highly relevant to most jobs and non-work life and enables you to give back to the student community, as well as furthering your lifelong learning experience.

If your mentor needs to undertake the on-line mentoring course or if you are interested in signing on and accessing as a mentee then please go to:


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