Project Mentor

If you wish to submit a Research and Analysis Project (RAP) to Oxford Brookes University then you must have a Project Mentor. The Project Mentor has two different roles. The first which is focused on you is to support your preparation of your RAP, by providing advice and feedback to you at appropriate times during your RAP activities.

Secondly, the Project Mentor will confirm to Oxford Brookes University that he or she has been your Project Mentor and that your RAP is your own work. Your on-line RAP submission will require you to enter contact details for your Project Mentor from the approved list (this is a drop-down list) and your Project Mentor will be required to confirm that they undertook your mentoring.

You will have three meetings with your Project Mentor. These meetings provide your Project Mentor with the opportunity to guide your RAP work and provide feedback to you. The meetings also provide you with the opportunity to develop your personal skills including questioning, listening and giving a presentation. You will reflect on this graduate skills development in your Skills and Learning Statement.

Your Project Mentor is not expected to have specialist knowledge within your project topic area or of academic research methods. Your Project Mentor does not play any part in the assessment of your RAP beyond the certification provided to Oxford Brookes University. You should not have to ask your Project Mentor what you have to do to pass – this is given in the assessment criteria for the RAP. You should not expect your Project Mentor to give you detailed advice on the structure and content of your Research Report or to write any of your RAP for you. Those decisions and actions are solely your own responsibility.

However it will be very helpful for your Project Mentor to understand what is required of you to prepare your RAP to the highest standard of which you are capable. You should provide your Project Mentor with as much information as you think useful about the Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project and what is required of you. This could include the information included in these web pages.

Your Project Mentor should encourage you to think about what you propose to do in your RAP work, challenge you to demonstrate that you are meeting your project objectives and that you will be able to meet your timetable for submission of your RAP to Oxford Brookes University. Your Project Mentor may also ask you to demonstrate your understanding of the issues that have arisen during your research, and may wish to question you on your conclusions and recommendations.

APPENDIX 2 comprises some additional notes that you may want to give your mentor to help them mentor you.


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