Programme regulations for Bsc degree


The minimum academic entry requirements for registering on the BSc degree are two A Levels plus three GCSEs (grade C or above) in five separate subjects including Maths and English. Oxford Brookes University recognises a number of other qualifications which satisfy the minimum English language requirement. Further details can be obtained from the ACCA office at Oxford Brookes University.

If you registered with ACCA under the mature student entry route (MSER) and do not have an acceptable English Language qualification, you will be permitted to register for the BSc degree only after you have passed a suitable English Language qualification.

If you are a CAT student, and have passed the CAT Advanced level exam papers, you meet all the entry requirements for the BSc degree; however this does not apply to the new FIA suite of exams.

For the new FIA suite of examinations you are required to have an appropriate English language qualification as detailed above.



As a registered student, you may be given exemptions from one or more of the nine ACCA specified exam papers. Exemption decisions are made by ACCA, and ACCA exemption policy is periodically reviewed by Oxford Brookes University. However, if you wish to achieve the BSc degree you must sit and pass all of the three ACCA subjects F7, F8 and F9.

No exemption can be given from the Professional Ethics Module or from the Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project (RAP).


When you register with ACCA to undertake the ACCA Qualification, you are automatically registered with Oxford Brookes University for the BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting, unless you opted-out of the BSc degree programme at the time of initially registering with ACCA.

If you have opted-out, you may re-register for the BSc degree scheme provided you have not passed any of the three subjects – F7, F8 and F9. If you have passed any one of these three subjects you cannot then register on to the BSc degree.

 Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project

You must pass or be exempt from the ACCA Fundamentals exams, including sitting and passing all of F7, F8 and F9, and complete the Professional Ethics module before submitting a RAP to Oxford Brookes University.

You will need to find a project mentor to assist you with your RAP, by providing guidance and advice on your RAP and also to verify that you made an oral presentation at the end of your project research (please see Section 6 below). Your project mentor should be a member of staff at an ACCA tuition provider, your line manager (or senior colleague) or an ACCA qualified member. Please note that this is different role to the role of the workplace mentor you need when completing your practical experience requirements, although you may find that your line manager is the most appropriate person to fulfil both these roles. From January 2015 your chosen Mentor must be Approved by the University and on the Approved Mentors List.

Oxford Brookes University has two submission periods each year during which you may submit an OBU RAP, once the submission period has closed it will not be possible to upload your RAP. The submission periods are in May and November.

You are required to pay a project submission fee to Oxford Brookes University with any project submission. See the section on Submission Periods for the current submission fee.




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