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Overall Structure / Role of Different Teams

We have developed different teams under the direct supervision of our senior team members,  in order to ensure that the dispersion of our services can be performed in effective manners. There is a team devoted to handling non-technical issues, and ensure that our educational team is devoted to the mentoring services of our students. To be assured that our quality standards are maintained, the senior management level reviews and approves all correspondence between our students and the different teams.

The roles of the different teams are explained below:

“OBU Registered Mentors” Team

We have a team of ACCA members that are registered with OBU, as the registration of mentors with OBU is a mandatory requirement of OBU. These “OBU Registered Mentors” have extensive mentoring, teaching, and professional experience and they are familiar with all the necessary knowledge related to the preparation of RAP as per overall guidelines of OBU. The names of our mentors are provided below:

  1. Adnan Khan
  2. Chishti Ahmad
  3. Aagha Abd. Rahman

These mentors are well aware of all the recent developments/requirements of OBU regarding RAP and this aspect really helps students to get quality mentoring services that play an important role in passing RAP on the first attempt with good grades. The major roles of this team as per assigned mandate are the following:

– To provide mentoring services to ACCA students as per prescribed guidelines of OBU in the Information Pack.

–  To facilitate the administration team in providing the most qualified mentor to ACCA students based on their expertise based on the selected topic by the mentee.

–  To conduct at least three mandatory meetings with students.

–  To provide direct feedback to students during mentoring process.

–  To sign off/assure OBU by engaged mentor about mentoring to the student.

–  To get regular feedback from R&D team to maintain quality standards.

–  To inform senior members of “VM” about overall progress.


Administration Team

This team is responsible for the overall administration level issues for both students as well as the “VM” staff.  The major roles of this team as per assigned mandate are the following:

–  To handle non-technical issues (e.g. fee, the arrangement of meetings with mentors, etc.) for students.

–  To facilitate students to coordinate with respective mentors (as we have different mentors for different topics based on their knowledge and experience) after submission or Registration Form.

–  To distribute important news/ updates with students (based on R&D activities) so that they are informed in a timely manner.

– To facilitate students in registration process with “VM” after assessing their eligibility and the acceptance of our terms and conditions.

–  To ensure senior members of “VM” team handle their various requirements.

Complaint Handling Team

This team is responsible for dealing with all complaints either from students or mentoring staff, and to ensure that “VM” is continuing to provide the best quality services to all the involved participants. It ensures that all complaints are resolved in a timely manner. The major roles of this team as per assigned mandate are the following:

–  To ensure that all complaints are handled with proper independence and without bias to each side.

–  To ensure proper and timely resolving of all lodged complaints.

–  To keep senior management informed about overall complaints and get guidance from them (if required) for their resolving in effective manners.

Review Team

This team is responsible for the final review of the finished RAP (as an independent review) for the designated project mentor. The professionals in this team make sure that all the work by the students under the proper mentoring guidance should be in compliance with the guidelines provided in the Information Pack. The major roles of this team as per assigned mandate are the following:

–  To review the final RAP before submissions and identify discrepancies/noncompliance with Information Pack (if any).

–  To guide the students in effective resolutions of all highlighted discrepancies.

–  To guide students in effective application of all the desired/essential requirements of OBU to get good grades.

–  To provide feedback to the respective mentor on each reviewed RAP.

–  To facilitate senior members of the “VM” team as per their various requirements.

Research and Development (R&D) Team

This team is responsible for providing the R&D facilities to all members of “VM” based on their various R&D activities. The major roles of this team as per assigned mandate are the following:

–  To perform R&D activities and provide regular feedback to all the key members of “VM”.

–  To maintain a pool of refined information based on R&D activities and distribute information among concerned stakeholders of “VM”.

–  To keep all key members of “VM” informed about the latest developments so that they can perform their assigned roles in effective manners.

–  To provide regular feedback to senior members of “VM” so that they can maintain the highest quality standards.

Compliance Team

This team is responsible for ensuring the compliance of all the assigned roles of the different teams of “VM”. Moreover, this team is also responsible for ensuring that all mentoring services to our students across the globe are done as per the prescribed guidelines of OBU as are clearly indicated in the Information Pack. This team directly reports to the senior members of “VM”, so all identified issues can be dealt with in a proper, timely and effective manner.The major roles of this team as per assigned mandate are the following:

–  To ensure that all teams in “VM” are working as per their assigned mandate.

–  To ensure that all mentoring arrangements among mentees (students) and mentors are as per the described guidelines of OBU.

–  To facilitate mentors in the effective resolution of their queries (if any).

–  To provide regular feedback to senior members of “VM” about overall compliance.

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