Basic Mentoring Package

We offer a Basic Mentoring Package that is meant for students that have good knowledge of all the prescribed requirements of OBU related to RAP and have a fair understanding of the overall requirements related to their selected topic. Such students need a Project Mentor for broad guidance and a mentor to sign off on their RAP and comply with the OBU requirements for involvement of an “OBU Registered Mentor”.

“This package suits the student that needs reassurance that he is on the right track through three mandatory meetings and two reviews of their RAP before submission”

The main difference between this and the other packages is that the Project Mentor is not involved in the review of each section of the RAP; instead, the Project Mentor provides feedback only during the three mandatory meetings and reviews the work in the middle and final stage of the preparation of the RAP.

This package was created according to the requests from various students about only needing guidance from a mentor, without the involvement of a Project Mentor in continuous reviews of the preparation of RAP. The students requested this kind of an arrangement so a Project Mentor would guide them only through the important requirements and sign off on the project in a capacity of an “OBU Registered Mentor”. To help our students, while still accounting for the amount of time and resources we invest in such endeavor, we decided to substantially lower our fees for the basic mentoring package.


Key Features of Basic Mentoring Package:

–  Three mandatory meetings to outline every aspect of the preparation of RAP in detail. First meeting at the beginning of the project, second in the middle of the project, and third meeting at the end of the project.

–  Two reviews of the entire work on the project and providing suitable feedback in the second and third meetings.

– Final Sign off on completed RAP by Project Mentor.


Package Detail:

Sr. No Package Name *Mentoring Period (Nov 2017 Session) **Fee(USD) Payment Terms
1. Basic Mentoring Package
(Discounted Pricing)
20 May 2017 till 10 Oct 2017 160 1st Installment: USD 50 after first  meeting with Project Mentor.

2nd Installment: Remaining sum while in middle of preparation of RAP.

2. Basic Mentoring Package 20 May 2017 till 10 Nov 2017 220

* The student must complete all aspects of the RAP within the agreed mentoring period; if the students asks mentoring services after this period, differential fees apply (i.e. extra USD 60).

** ”VM” does not cover any transfer fees. For further terms and conditions on fees and payment, click  here.

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