Basic Mentoring Package

We offer Basic Mentoring Package (preferred by limited students) to all those students who have good knowledge of all requirements of OBU related to RAP and fair understanding of overall requirements of selected topic but they only need a Project Mentor for broader guidance and to comply requirement of OBU for engagement of  “Registered OBU Mentor” to sign off RAP.

“This package suits to all those students who only want to ensure that they are on right track or not through 3 mandatory meetings and 2 times review of RAP before submission”

The major difference between this package and all other packages is that Project Mentor is not involve in review of each section of the RAP instead Project Mentor provide feedback through 3 mandatory meetings only and review RAP work in the middle and final stage of RAP.

We offer this package as we received feedback from different students that they only want guidance from Mentor through meetings without  involvement of Project Mentor in routine review of RAP at different stages. Students only want in this arrangement that Project Mentor guide them about important requirements only and sign off project in a capacity of “OBU Registered Mentor”. To facilitate all such students objectively keeping in consideration of our level of efforts we substantially reduce our mentoring fee specific for this package.


Key Features of Basic Mentoring Package:

–  3 Mandatory meetings to explain each aspect of RAP in detail. First meeting in inception of project, second in middle while third meeting at the end of project.

– 2 times review of entire project work and provide feedback in second and third meeting.

– Final Sign off of RAP by Project Mentor.


Package Detail:

Sr. No Package Name *Mentoring Period (Nov 2017 Session) **Fee(USD) Payment Terms
1. Basic Mentoring (Disc. Package) As at 10 Oct 2017 160 1st Installment: USD 50 after first interaction / meeting with Project Mentor.

2nd Installment: Remaining dues in middle of RAP.

2. Basic Mentoring As at 10 Nov 2017 220

* Student must complete RAP with all respect within mentoring period as if student want services of mentor after mentoring period date then he/she must pay differential fee as mentioned in above table.

** “VM” will  not bear any sort of transfer charges. For further  terms and conditions relevant to fee click here.*

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