Notes for Project Mentor

Meetings with your project mentor

The three meetings with your project mentor, each of which should normally be about half an hour long, should follow the framework set out below.

Meeting 1 with Project Mentor – at the outset

To prepare for this you should have some proposals on the choice of topic, for your Research and Analysis Report and have embarked on preliminary investigation into the research areas and methods you may want to use. You should therefore take from this meeting a clear proposal of your choice of topic, research method and draft aims and objectives for your Report.

Meeting 2 with Project Mentor- midway through your report

At this stage you should have completed the gathering of information for your Report and have some initial views as to your findings. An interim update on your progress in the form of a word-processed document should be presented to your mentor. This will then provide the framework for your discussion at this meeting.

Meeting 3 with Project Mentor – towards completion of your report

You are required to prepare and deliver a fifteen minute presentation on your Research Report to your mentor, and if applicable your peer group (see option below). You should use appropriate presentation techniques in conjunction with your talk. You should be prepared to answer questions and provide explanations when requested. Your mentor will be asked to provide confirmation that the three meetings took place in accordance with the guidelines above.

If it becomes necessary for whatever reason to change your mentor part way through the above framework, you will have to start again at Meeting 1 to allow your new mentor to verify your participation in all three meetings. You may, if your mentor is happy to participate, arrange for further appointments in addition to the three compulsory meetings outlined in the above framework.

NB: It may be useful for you to keep a personal diary of reflections on your meetings to help

you when writing up your Key Skills Statement.

Peer Group Presentation Option

Where your mentor is working with more than one student, presentations in Meeting 3 can take place in a group. However, Meetings 1 and 2 must only involve the mentor and individual student. This will enable you to deliver your presentation to an audience, receive feedback from your peers and in turn, critically review the work of others.

NB: The Research and Analysis Report must nevertheless be the work of the individual student and should not be carried out in a group. See the Oxford Brookes University Cheating Statement for more information on regulations regarding plagiarism, syndication and other forms of cheating.


Notes for Mentor

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