Mentoring Services for MSc in Professional Accountancy – University of London

We are also offering mentoring services to students in the form of “Highly Qualified Tutor” in obtaining an MSc degree in Professional Accountancy from the University of London. Our tutors have extensive mentoring experience and have an excellent understanding of the requirements prescribed by the University of London; these are skills that will ultimately help our students in obtaining this degree.

Our suggestion to our future students is to first contact with our designated tutor/mentor and understand the overall process and they will explain each aspect of this program. After the initial meet with a tutor/mentor, the student is in a position where he/she can decide to go ahead with an assessment of our service and move forward after receiving of the first payment.

We support our students in the following manners:

  • Complete guidance through the entire process of obtaining an MSc in Professional Accountancy.
  • Guiding students in all general and specific aspects of this program.
  • Guiding students about course works, final project and explain overall expectation of examiner.
  • Review entire work of students both for course works and final project multiple times and give feedback for better improvement.
  • Provide professional advice in avoiding any hassle through the entire process.

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