OBU RAP Topic 2

An evaluation of how the introduction of a new technology can assist an organization in achieving its business objectives


Information Technology

“Better knowledge of overall requirements of specific proposed technology and discussion of its effective application to attain business objectives of the selected organisation under well qualified mentor is key to success for passing RAP under this topic”


Technology refers to the purposeful application of scientific information in the production, design and utilization of goods and services, mainly in industries.

The objective of this topic is to identify the impact of new technologies on any organization and prepare a report. The broader purpose of this topic is to explore the relationship among new technologies and business sectors. More specifically this topic focuses on:

  • Understanding and analyzing the concept of new technology.
  • Exposing the scope of an association sandwiched between technology factor and business sector.
  • Measuring the level of impact of new technology on chosen organization and how it is beneficial to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

With technology’s penetration into every business function executives have seen first-hand how it gives them access to well-organized, quality information which they can use to make better decisions, and how it fundamentally supports the day-to-day running of their business.

While evaluating the impact of new technologies on any organization student need to consider following aspects in detail.

  • What are the business objective of the selected organisation?
  • What is the existing measures (current state) taken by the organisation to achieve it  business objectives?
  • What type of technology aspect are essential for an organisation to achiever all its business objectives?
  • How an organization can implement a specific technology by considering all possible impacts both in positive and negative terms?
  • What types of methods (direct method/parallel method) of implementation should be used to get maximum benefits?
  • Does organisation is capable to meet essential requirements of proposed technology?
  • Does organisation has sufficient expertise to get maximum output from proposed technology?
  • Will implementation of new technology be successful to achieve objectives set by organisation?
  • What types of contingency measures taken by the organisation if desired objective not achieve by proposed technology?
  • How new technology will be helpful for the organisation in long run?
  • What types of benefits achieved by the organisation (if applicable) by implementation of specific technology?

Key features / requirements:

  • Assessment of key aspects of proposed technology.
  • Assessment of overall business objectives (both financial and non-financial objectives)
  • Linkage of key aspect of proposed technology with various operations of selected organisation.
  • Assessment of how proposed technology impact on overall business objectives of selected organisation.
  • Provide some quantitative and qualitative analysis to substantiate above mentioned aspects in proper manner.
  • Maintain proper balance in explanation / analysis of different aspects that required under this topic.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

Key Success Factors:

  • Good knowledge of basic concepts of various technologies used in business.
  • Excellent knowledge of key aspect of proposed technology of selected organisation.
  • Excellent knowledge of all those operations of the selected organisation that directly or indirect affect due to proposed technology.
  • Critical assessment of all  aspects of proposed technology with respect to overall operations of the company.
  • Assessment that how various aspects of proposed technology impact on business objectives of the organisation.
  • Proper application of all selected aims and objectives (that decided in inception of RAP) in appropriate sections of RAP.
  • Proper answering of all research questions (that decided in inception of RAP) in appropriate sections of RAP.
  • Usage of proper research methodology to achieve good result against all selected aims and objectives (that decided in inception of RAP).
  • Maintain proper sequence of all discussion in logical manner by keeping all requirements of the topic.
  • Logically conclude all performed work at the end of Research Report by keeping in consideration of all requirements of the topic.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

Major benefits for choosing this topic:

  • Student will practically apply his/her knowledge into real life.
  • Major aspects / steps in implementation of technology in business will reveal on student.
  • Student will identify linkage of various key aspects of technology with different operations of the company.
  • Various techniques learned under this topic will substantially help student in his/her professional life.

Major possible limitations faced by student under this topic:

  • Students may not entertain well by the management of selected organisation in provision of required information due to various issues (e.g. confidentiality aspects, non availability of authorized person to disseminate information to student for research work, etc.)
  • Student may not find good stuff from internet  or other sources (due to weak research approach) to bring ideas for improvement in the project.
  • Student may not  critically meet requirements of this topic due to involvement some technical aspects that don’t fall directly under overall Accounts and finance function.
  • Student may be confused due to variation in actual information (verbal or documented) provided from primary sources with the result that he/she actually derive from his/her research work as per requirement of the topic.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

Suitable organisation under this topic:

The most suitable organisation under this topic is that for which student have access to management of the company and moreover management of the company is willingly provide all required information to student as required under the topic. Selection of most appropriate organisation is very essential as student must have better understanding of overall operations of the organisation and moreover he/she also have enough knowledge of the sector in which his/her selected organisation actually operates. Based on better knowledge of the organisation and respective sector , student will be able to interlink various aspect of overall operations of the selected organisation with all requirements of the topic that ultimately help him/her in getting good grades.

In short student need to assess following aspects in selection of organisation for RAP.

  • Student’s own interest related to overall business of the organisation (extremely important in topic 2);
  • Accessibility of information from primary sources (extremely important in topic 2);
  • Accessibility of information from secondary sources;
  • Knowledge of overall operations of the organisation (extremely important in topic 2);
  • Knowledge of overall associated sector of the organisation;
  • Availability of time from concerned officials of selected organisation (extremely important in topic 2); and
  • Basic idea of requirements of selected topic and their application on proposed organisation in inception of RAP.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

Suggested approach for this topic:

Under this topic, student must plan properly from inception so that he/she can complete all tasks effectively in proper manners. First of all, student must  gain excellent understanding of major requirements of this topic and he/she need to critically assess all aspects of requirement by defining detailed strategy.  Student need to assess that what process that he/she actually follow to meet all requirements that only possible through detailed planning in inception of RAP.

Student need to  prepare overall content of RAP under topic 2 that describes logical sequence of all tasks that need to adhere by the student. This content will also help student to keep on right track from inception and at the same time student can also assess time factor against planned vs. actual tasks through considering his allocated time for complete preparation of RAP.

After finalization of overall content of RAP under topic 2, student need to start working logically from gathering of information as per requirement of topic. Student need to assess all gathered information very critically through consultation from mentor. Mentor feedback on key areas of RAP is very essential so student should share his/her thoughts with project mentor regularly to get efficient guidance in time accordingly.

In short, there is no 100% suggested approach for topic 2 as keeping broader level approach (described above) , detailed approach under topic 1 varies due to student’s perception that he conceived from requirements of the topic along with available information of selected organisation. Whatever, the approach you will follow , keep getting guidance from project mentor at every step so that you can meet all requirements of topic and get good grades.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

Availability of Information:

Student have to complete his/her RAP based on provision of information directly from management of the organisation (i.e. primary sources of information) along with vast information available through different mediums (internet, newspaper, books, etc.) under secondary sources of information.  Availability of information from primary sources under topic number 2 is very essential as this topic cannot complete at all without getting specific information of the selected organisation. Student need to ensure that he has access of vast information from management of the selected organisation and there is no confidentiality concerns by them as well.

In short, student need to assess very critically before opting this topic for RAP as all requirements of this topic only meet if student have enough information about selected organisation. If there is any doubt on provision of required information during perpetration of RAP then student should not select this topic for RAP as it impact on overall evaluation of information and overall grades of RAP.

*Feedback from project mentor is essential to get good grades in RAP.

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