Free Mentoring (Broader Level Guidance)

Broader Level Guidance Services for RAP (Free of Charge)

We understand that some students cannot afford to get our standard mentoring services, or they are already associated with another mentor/college for obtaining mentoring services. As our purpose is to guide students, and we believe that knowledge increases with sharing. We only charge fees when a substantial level of effort is invested by our various teams in providing effective mentoring services. Alongside, we also provide broad level guidance for students FREE OF CHARGE. We enable guidance in the broad sense, in preparation of RAP, and we also help students to effectively resolve their specific queries/confusions/issues/constraints.

Important Note: We do not sign off the RAP of a student without the three mandatory meetings with a designated Project Mentor, as we comply to the prescribed regulations of OBU relevant to mentoring.

Simply put, we only charge where substantial time and effort is invested from us;
apart from that, we guide students on broad spectrum free of charge.

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